Welcome. Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Manh (Mr. Manh). I’m NOT a native English-speaking man.

I have been involved in affiliate marketing for over 15 years but have been full-time since 2018.

Like you, who love affiliate marketing, I’ve learned about it because I want a free life.

I was a state civil servant in tourism in Sapa – Vietnam. I hated my 9 to 5 job, so I looked into affiliate marketing during the office time.

In 2018, my family had to move to Hanoi to live because of because of my wife’s health incident.

So we decided to stay there. I quit my tourism job and got involved full-time with the affiliate. “I wanted to burn the boat“.

But life is not a dream.

I started with Clickbank. But for nearly 2 years, I did not have any sales.

I bought and participated in many online and offline courses, one of which was up to $15k. But no results. All courses were BS. I spent almost the money we had saved.

I became overwhelmed and worried.

The luck:

I was hanging out on Facebook groups all day, and nearly bought another course from a group admin.

Suddenly, I got a message from a boy, a group member. He said, “It is a scam“. He didn’t want us to lose money again.

Then, he created a small group to invite me and 8 others to join. He made a 3-hour training course helping us with how to get success with Clickbank.

It gave me a great lesson about choosing the products that converted. I followed it and quickly passed 5 first sales to Clickbank required.

He then offered a training course at a meager price ($250). It is about promoting Clickbank products with Bing Ads during 15 Live Zoom Sessions.

The important things in this course are finding the keywords, writing the ads, and especially optimizing the campaigns to get benefits.

(I promise I will write a FREE post about this in this blog. Don’t hesitate to register for notification).

I quickly became successful and achieved $1,700 to over $3,000 monthly, then $4k, and $7k.

He saved my life.

I feel more comfortable and have more money to test more campaigns, more products and more platforms.

The luck often came together.

Mr Manh CB Platinum

I found a Youtuber who shared about Clickbank. That is Mr. Dave Mac.

I love his videos, and I bought a course from him. (aff link – You can even just follow his free videos on YouTube to get success)

It was in March 2022 that I was able to conquer the $1k/day milestone and even nearly $12k/day.

I won the Clickbank Platinum that year.

Results change over time. I now don’t get the same as above for many reasons, but I am always confident I can scale anytime I want.

I’m also trying other traffic platforms (free & paid), and also other affiliate networks and programs (Amazon Associates, Impact, Maxweb, Digistore24, Binance, Bybit, Phemex…).

Here are some results:

Affiliate is now my main job. I have more free time.

Once again, I want to say that I am not a native English-speaking person who has had some success with affiliate marketing. Why not you???

Affiliate is NOT easy, but if you are persistent, you will find your way to victory.

It’s like you go digging for gold, you keep going on and never give up, and suddenly you find a gold seam.

Failure is only when you never act.

Why this website?

Many people say, “When someone gets successful with something, he will make a website to sell tools, then sell training courses“.

OF COURSE, I will.

As a full-time affiliate, I will share about tools and courses.

But I will share things that will help you succeed. I think you will also agree with this mindset. I also want you to have this mindset.

If this blog helps you with something, you can support it by buying via affiliate links. If NOT really, it is ok, You don’t have to.

In this blog, I will share MY REAL EXPERIENCE and lessons that other people may not want you to know.

You can find many websites out there, but they almost want to share everything. They want to keep something secret and sell the expensive courses for you.

Not like them, I will share everything I know here on this website.

I am dedicated to helping you. You can ask me via the contact form, or message me on FB: Manh Nguyen.


  • This website used to belong to someone else. I just bought this domain when it was released to benefit its potential. (I will discuss this affiliate marketing strategy with you in a post.)
  • I covered some posts to keep the backlinks. All these kinds of posts were put in the Category named “Archives“). It is NOT my sharing.

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