Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Hey there and welcome to my affiliate marketing for dummies step by step guide. It is time to say a BIG fat NOO to SCAMS like MLM programs and pyramid schemes. With this in depth guide about affiliate marketing you’ll be understand a better way to make money.

Have you heard about affiliate marketing and wonder whether it’s a viable online business option? It’s quite possible that you’ve heard amazing stories about people who promote products created by others and start making a lot of money in affiliate commissions.

Let’s guide you through the process so you can get yourself set up as a successful affiliate marketer but firstly I suggest you join this affiliate marketing training and become a real pro.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

This form of marketing is simply a way to connect companies with bloggers who will promote their products to get paid a percentage.

One of the most difficult things to do online is to bring a product idea to market. This is because it takes time and money to discover whether the problem the product solves is actually the true problem the target market needs solving. 

You don’t need to go through any of this market testing as an affiliate marketer. There’s no need to invest months or years building a product, setting up focus groups, testing sales pages or split testing sales funnels.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Well firstly, I highly suggest you invest in a great affiliate marketing course that covers everything from A-Z, this way you can protect your self from any future loses and bad ideas that you could face without a proper plan.

Steps Involved:

1. Learn Affiliate Marketing

Without proper education, your chances of making money online are slim to none. Learning from the best internet marketers in this game is highly important. Luckily, I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to find the best affiliate marketing training.

Have a look at my list of best affiliate marketing courses and start earning online.

2. Pick A Niche To Promote 

You might already know the area you’re most passionate about and can’t wait to start making money in it. It’s also possible that you don’t yet know where to start. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What subjects am I most excited about?
  • Is there money to be made with this topic?
  • Is there enough demand for products in this area?
  • Are there plenty of affiliate products available in my selected niche?
  • Is there a topic that I can see myself writing 25, 50 or more blog posts about?

Choosing a niche where people are already spending money on products is important. It’s far more likely that you’ll find rabid buyers when selling a product teaching how to lose weight as opposed to trying to sell a product teaching people how to understand Bible verses.

3. Choose An Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate programs to pick from but not all of them are worth it. Affiliate programs can pay from 1-40% per sale,  and finding the right one is a lengthy process.

The good news is that I have already spent a ton of time exploring the best paid affiliate programs for you to make money from. Have a look at my list and build that income.

4. Bring Traffic

The Key thing to understand at this point is that someone else already invested the time and money to figure out how to create a winning sales page and a sale funnel.

They hand you this money making funnel and you just need to become good at marketing it and getting traffic to land there.

  • You might start a website and write interesting articles & product reviews.
  • You might start a Facebook ad campaign straight into the sales funnel.
  • You might start a YouTube channel and make videos around the product offering.

Start blogging and writing articles, produce excellent content.

For example, you might write a blog post with tips for how to get out of debt if you’re selling an online course about becoming debt free.

People will love your tips and want more information. You’ll link over to the course’s sales page with the affiliate link the course’s owner provided you.

You’ll then receive a commission when your site visitors make their purchase.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

There isn’t any pyramid with affiliate marketing. It’s best to simply think of it as referral marketing. Have you ever seen those commercials where DirecTV says they’ll pay you a commission to refer a friend? That’s pretty close to affiliate marketing.

How about when a real estate agent earns a commission to sell you a house? The agent has simply connected you with the seller and earned a commission.

That’s pretty much what affiliate marketing is all about.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re simply connecting people who want to buy certain products with those products. The owner of those products is providing you a commission (a percentage of the sale) for the work you did to create that referral or introduction.

A pyramid scheme differs because a recruiting element is added to the process. In this case, you would recruit others to market a product and make money off their efforts.

The Difference Between MLM & Affiliate Marketing?

MLM (multi-level marketing), which is also called network marketing, is probably what you were thinking about when a pyramid scheme came to mind.

MLM requires that you go out and recruit people into the organisation. Your goal isn’t to sell a valuable product to others. Instead, it’s to recruit others in and hope they go out and sell the product.

If they do, they get a commission and you get a commission, too. 

Affiliate marketing is entirely different!

There isn’t a recruiting option. It’s simply marketing products for sale.

Ask yourself this: Would you have any question about the validity of creating an online course that teaches something valuable and selling it through Facebook ads or from your website?

Your answer is most likely “no”.

Well, it’s almost the exact same thing with affiliate marketing. The only difference is that you didn’t create the online course. Someone else did.

You found it and you love the content in it. You know it’s valuable and will help anyone that buys it, goes through it and puts the information to use.

Network marketing is all about getting other people to sell over-priced products for you so you can make money doing nothing.

Affiliate marketing is the exact opposite. The affiliate model means you work just as hard as any business owner to generate customers for a valid product.

Another good analogy is recommending a movie to a friend. Wouldn’t you love to get paid a small commission by the producers for all the movies you’ve referred over the years?

Affiliate marketing is your chance to get paid to refer great products to others!

Most Profitable Niches In Affiliate Marketing

There are many profitable affiliate marketing niches. Most will fall into what some people call “the big 3”: health, wealth and relationships.

Anything that fits into those three categories has a chance to be profitable because every human being wants to have great relationships, make more money and be healthy. 

Most Profitable Niches

CBD Products

CBD oil is a natural healing product that has become one of the most popular supplements ever, due to its healing properties for stress, sleep and anxiety. These products are small and expensive and there is a lot of money to be made from this niche.

For example CBD affiliate programs offer as much as 40% per sale. I’ve been personally promoting CBD niche for the last 12 months and i’ve made over 20k in profit.

Pet Products

We all love our pets and sometimes even more than ourselves. Pet owners do what ever it takes to make their pets happy and pet affiliate programs pay as much as 40% commission per sale. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.” These products just like CBD Oils are a natural healing product used for aromatherapy and relaxation. Have a look at my list of best essential oil affiliate programs to promote in 2020.

Financial Services

This niche is the highest-paid one on my list and pays a whopping $800 for every customer you refer to a forex trading platform. The best trading & stocks affiliate programs can be found on my list of best affiliate programs for beginners.

Can you Really Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can help you become very successful. However, you need to look at it like starting any business. This means you need to be committed to it and you need to work at it.

It’s going to take effort and time to build. It is worth it, though, in the end. It truly is a “clean” business. This means that you don’t need to worry about delivering the product or dealing with customer service issues.

All you do is connect the buyer to the company and the company selling the product takes over in terms of delivery and customer issues. You just focus on writing new content, creating new interesting videos or running more ads.

Let’s look at a couple examples of successful affiliate marketers so you can visualise the possibilities.

Pat Flynn: Pat started his business back in 2008 and has turned it into a millionaire affiliate marketing business. You can read about his income statements here. He simply got himself started and look what he did with it. Now, it’s your turn!

Jeremy Schoemaker: It’s estimated that Jeremy earned between $2 million and $4 million within five years via affiliate marketing. He accomplished this by running a website called

John Chow: John’s estimated affiliate marketing monthly income is $50,000. He’s another example of someone who has turned this type of marketing into millionaire status.

The thing to understand is that these three people were once at square one with affiliate marketing. They decided to get started and look what happened. Why not you, too?

Can you Become a Millionaire from Affiliate Marketing?

We just shared three millionaire affiliate marketers above. It’s very possible to become a millionaire with this marketing model. Again, the key is dedicating yourself to learning and implementing strategies that work.

Let’s look at a few more examples of millionaire affiliate marketing success stories. This is important because it’s easier to envision this type of success for you if you can see that others have done it, too.

Money Supermarket: Not only did the owner of this website turn into a millionaire, but he eventually sold this affiliate website and it turned him into a billionaire. His name is Simon Nixon.

The Wire Cutter: This affiliate marketing website generates hundreds of millions of dollars per year. They generate these sales by reviewing products. Does this give you any ideas for how you, too, might make affiliate income in your niche of choice?

Trip Advisor: This affiliate marketing site generates millions of dollars in revenue by partnering with some of the largest travel companies out there.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners?

One of the best things you can do as a beginning affiliate marketer is to partner with a large, reputable company as you start your journey.

This gives you the opportunity to learn while promoting something you have a lot of faith in. As you get more seasoned, you can start branching out into other lesser-known programs that might offer even higher commissions.

You’ve learned what affiliate marketing is and that it has the potential to help you earn your dream income.

Your next step is to get started. Start learning. Implement what you learn. Celebrate your wins along the way and commit to keep growing every year. You can do this!

10X Your Profits

If you’re starting out in affiliate marketing, there are several industries that you should look into before you begin. I highly recommend you promote fast growing industries such as pet , CBD and essential oils. However, it’s important to learn as much as you can to strengthen your affiliate marketing skills before joining any program.

In order to maximise your earnings with the programs mentioned above, I recommend joining A legit training course. If you can combine what you’ve learned here with what you will learn with below training, you’ll be a successful affiliate in no time at all.

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