Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it a SCAM or LEGIT Program?

I wrote this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review to help you understand whether this product is SCAM or LEGIT. DO NOT BUY before reading this whole review.

You did the right thing by researching first before, blindly buying another “great product”, because finding a legitimate way to make money can be hard.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a SCAM? Let’s find out below.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Summary

  • Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Price: $1997
  • Summary: Yes, this product is legit with some great information but paying $1997 for this material without any extras such as tools is crazy. I suggest you look at cheaper and better alternatives.
  • Rating: 4/5

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

The name of this program is as advertised, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, but it also goes by the acronym AMM.

AMM shows beginners the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. The course is real, but the price is a laughing matter.

The program created by Stefan James has been around since 2016. The course offers training to help teach people how to make their own online brand in order to make a commission from selling products made by other companies.

This course gives the customer the steps to make money on their own with affiliate marketing, and the user will learn how to create an online brand for such purposes.

The symbol they use for their company is a laptop computer with cash flowing from the screen, so you should think that you are getting involved with a get rich quick scheme from the moment you see this company. 

About the Founder of AMM

The founder of this company is an individual by the name of Stefan James Pylarinos. When you conduct a quick search about this man, you will find that he has started a variety of similar businesses: The Life Mastery Project, the Stefan James Experience, and the list goes on for several search results pages.

This product is an affiliate marketing course. The fact that the founder has several companies within the same industry should make you question the value of AMM over the various other businesses of a similar type that are owned by the same individual.

One could argue that this individual has made better businesses progressively, but the nature of affiliate marketing makes any skeptical individual leery about the validity of any money making scheme that Stefan James Pylarinos creates.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

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The concept of affiliate marketing was started in 1989 by a New Yorker by the name of William J. Tobin. His company sold flowers and gifts online, and they gathered around 3,000 affiliates by 1998. Amazon started their first affiliate program in 1996.

If you’re still wondering what affiliate marketing is about, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to create your own product line. You need to develop websites and send emails, but you never actually have to worry about the difficult parts involved in selling a product.

You don’t have to trouble yourself with shipping products, and you’ll never have to deal with long lines at the post office. Forget about being aggravated by calls from irate customers, and hold onto your money when they demand refunds.

Affiliate marketing involves compensating individuals based upon the leads they gather for potential sales. An affiliate promotes products made by another company, and the affiliate earns a commission that’s based upon the amount of sales they influence.

What’s inside of this course?

Here’s the scoop about this program.

The membership doesn’t include any practical tools to help you succeed, but they include a lot of training materials to help you learn what you need to know about the industry.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery includes over 20 hours of video content to cover the steps involved in creating your affiliate marketing business. 

With each video, they include a transcript and summary of the contents of the lesson. There’s an extension to the program that includes an email coaching mentor, and they offer weekly webinars to help you learn what you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Before you start working with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you should consider these items of interest. Make the decision to work with a program that will give you everything you need to succeed. 

1. Tools that come with AMM

This is the downfall of the high price for this product. Let’s be clear about the tools offered by this program. They don’t address the needs of your business. 

Your affiliate marketing business will need web hosting services, and you will need to register its domain. The program should offer a keyword research tool to help its customers find the right words to use in their copy.

2. Customer Support

The easiest way to contact the AMM team is through their Facebook page. They run a private group on this social media network. Some users have claimed that AMM does a lot in the private Facebook group. Supposedly, they will answer your questions in a timely manner.

They have a support tab on their website that will help you make contact with their team as well.

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3. The Training

There are seven different learning modules that have been prepared to teach the user about strategies to succeed in this industry. You’ll learn how to get in the right mental state to achieve affiliate marketing success, and you’ll learn how to select a niche to sell products for other companies. 

They’ll teach you about creating a brand for your online business, and they’ll teach you about putting content on the web as well.

4. High price guarantee

The price of this program is broken down in two different ways. You can either pay one payment of $1,997, or you could choose to break that payment up into three instalments that would total $2,301. 

Either way, this is a lot of money for the type of product that you are purchasing. However, they offer a money-back guarantee that is good for 30 days.

As with most businesses, you shouldn’t stretch this guarantee until the final day, so consider canceling your subscription early to avoid losing your money altogether.

How does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Work?

This program is good for someone who wants to acquire wealth, but that person needs to have a lot of money to invest in their own education.

After signing up for the course, the customer will work through a tutorial on how to create and market their own affiliate marketing business. 

There is a webinar to help the customer figure out the specific details along the way. The new affiliate marketing entrepreneur may also pay for the added assistance from an expert mentor (as supplied by AMM).

The GOOD things

Hopefully, this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review has addressed some of your concerns about the program. By now, you should have an idea of the types of topics that this program teaches. It’s full of valuable information to help guide you through starting an affiliate marketing business.

There are several topics discussed in this program that will help you plan your marketing strategies. This program will give you a great understanding of the types of activities that you need to do in order to succeed in this industry. However, your success relies upon putting this information into practice within your own business endeavors.

The BAD things

The main reason that you should be cautious about taking part in the Affiliate Marketing Mastery scam is because of the enormous price point. This knowledge is already available online and in books.

It might take time for you to research and find better resources, but you’ll save so much money in the process. If you want to work with a program in order to obtain guidance, find one that has tools that will help your business succeed.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a SCAM?

This is a legitimate program that’s designed to teach the user about affiliate marketing by offering unique online training opportunities. 

There are other great bonuses involved in this program that will help the student learn how affiliate marketing businesses operate. For everything that makes this course legitimate, it’s hard to imagine paying nearly $2,000 for material that you could find elsewhere.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – Unbiased Review

The program deserves a high rating because it involves an in-depth analysis about an industry that is hard to capture in words. The program itself deserves a four out of five. The course is broken down in a way that makes the subject easy for the student to grasp. Even if the price is high, the course is giving you a lot of information to digest. I recommend learning this knowledge elsewhere for less money.

  • Tons of Quality Content
  • Easy To Follow
  • Extremely Overpriced
  • No Weekly Webinars.
  • No tools included
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