American Online Jobs Review [AOJ] – SCAM or LEGIT? MY REVIEW

My American Online Jobs review will uncover the truth about AOJ work from home jobs so make sure to read the whole review. 

I’ve always enjoyed making extra income online and that is why I review scams and legit ways to make money on my blog. 

Finding a legitimate way to make money online is hard so make sure you stick around for the whole review of AOJ.

I’ll show you exactly how American Online Jobs work. We’ll discuss reviews from Reddit users and online communities, and I’ll list the pros and cons of their program; let’s get to it!

AOJ Online Jobs Review Summary

  • Product Name: AOJ American Online Jobs
  • Product Type: Work at home opportunity
  • Price: $25-50
  • Summary: American Online Jobs claim to give you a work-at-home opportunity that allows you to earn $1700 or more a week. Well, no, there are no jobs being listed on this site, and you’re not getting hired either. This makes AOJ a total SCAM because all they do is forward your information to other companies that pay them for it.
  • Rating: 1/5

What is American Online Jobs (AOJ)?

American online jobs or AOJ is an online company that appears to be a job site offering work at home job opportunities.

On their site, they market their services by telling people they can make up to $1,600 a week. Many people are finding with this online job site that appearances are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Instead of AOJ online jobs being a job site, it is actually an affiliate marketing site that pretends to give people work-at-home job opportunities. In actuality, the sole intent of this site is to promote paid surveys or GPT sites (get paid to). It is an affiliate marketing site that many people have deemed to be a scam.

The concerning part of this set up is there is actually no site for jobs. You’re not getting any work for any jobs because they don’t exist. They do offer an opportunity to make money, but it appears that this program is nothing more than a sales funnel for another affiliate program.

What makes this website so fraudulent, is they appear to be an online job site that assist people in finding work but in actuality they’re nothing more than an affiliate marketing program.

When you first visit the site, you are immediately asked a series of questions and then instructed to “Click here to Apply Now”. From there the rest is history.

How Does AOJ Work?

A quick visit to their site is an immediate indicator that something is wrong. When you enter their site they present you with a six item questionnaire that gives them information about you. They even go so far as to ask you how you want to get paid. Sounds promising, right?

Not at all. Just keep reading. If you notice, when you select the answers on the opening page, they don’t stay selected. You could, in essence, just click the apply button and it takes you right to the next page. That is really strange.

After you’ve answered those questions you’re transferred to another site where you are asked to sign up for an account. This site, LifePoints, appears to be totally unrelated to American online jobs. From there you are routed to Online Flex jobs.

In order to have an account on this site you have to purchase antivirus software at a rate of approximately $25. By the way, Online flexjobs doesn’t have any job listings either and appears to be just as fraudulent as American Online jobs.

After you make that purchase, you’re finally taken to the American online jobs site where you begin some sort of training.

What’s most misleading about this process, is you’re taken through a series of processes that show you how to get people to join through social media platforms. They give you multiple lessons, 8 to be exact, that walk you through the process of making money through their site.

You’ll be prompted to watch a series of videos that train you on using the social media platforms to make money. Never at any time are you directed to a list of jobs.

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As a matter of fact, as you proceed through the training in the videos, you are still under the impression you’re reviewing information on how to get a job. In any case, the videos progress through a series of steps that give you instructions on how to promote affiliate marketing programs on social media platforms such as Facebook. The whole premise of the videos is to educate you on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

They offer this option of making money as the better alternative than getting an actual job. More specifically, these videos give you information on how to spam Facebook groups to promote the affiliate marketing programs. The most disappointing part of this opportunity is it is totally misleading. The process makes people believe they’re applying for a job but in actuality they are being sent down a rabbit hole for yet another online affiliate marketing program.

After you’ve gone through all of the training, you apparently get your own AOJ site that allows you to direct traffic to this site to begin earning affiliate commission. The problem in this step is there is no website to provided.

What’s inside of AOJ platform?

The really odd and suspicious thing about the American online job platform is there’s really no set site that allows you to read about the details of the company. When you search for this company, you are immediately taken to a site that asks six questions about where you found them, how you’d like to get paid and if you are over the age of 18.

With a quick search, you get several reviews about this company that are less than stellar reviews to say the least. At no point in time is there any information about jobs. The questionnaire ultimately is a way to gain information about you.

Once you finally gain access to the American online job platform, there are two sections that show you how to make money. Keep in mind neither section is information on obtaining a job.

The first section gives you information on how to complete surveys and participate in focus groups to make money. The other is a referral marketing or affiliate marketing section where you are trained how to earn money in the form of commission with affiliate marketing.

While both of these options will make you money, it is nowhere close to the $1,600 that was promised in the beginning and it is not a job. This is a marketing opportunity where you promote an online referral program to make money.

This type of marketing is not bad. There are some people who make money promoting affiliate links. The misleading information that American online jobs presents makes people think they are applying for an actual job and this is what makes their site so misleading. This type of work doesn’t pay by the hour and you are not guaranteed a set amount.

AOJ Training Videos

The training videos for American online jobs are the nine lessons that teach you how to post ads and get paid. The unethical tactics that are used as a recommendation to make money, is a huge turnoff for anyone who is looking for a legitimate and ethical money-making opportunity. There are nine training videos from someone named Brenda.

The training videos cover extremely general information on affiliate marketing and referral marketing. It shows you how to get your own AOJ website and begin promoting your link and start making money. At no time do any of the videos give any information on jobs, job descriptions or any area of expertise needed to perform the job.

The videos are strictly focused on affiliate marketing and how to make money promoting an affiliate marketing link. They show you how to employ unethical and immoral tactics to promote your link and commissions on your AOJ site by spanning Facebook groups.

Even if you are an individual looking for affiliate marketing opportunities, spamming is highly unethical and should be avoided as a marketing strategy.

You get paid a commission for everything you do. Some people may like this type of work, but if the company is going to market themselves as a job site, then they need to provide jobs and not affiliate marketing opportunities.

American Online Jobs Reviews

With all the information presented so far, it is hard to believe that a company that employs such unethical practices would have good reviews. With the American online jobs review, there appear to be no reviews on the Better Business Bureau about this company.

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This is surprising considering it appears to be a straight-up scam program. In our search, we found that some people have posted reviews on Reddit about this work-at-home company. The posts are typically in line with the overall reviews presented here.

The reviews indicate individuals looking for jobs but instead are redirected to an affiliate marketing or referral marketing opportunity. Since AOJ is marketing themselves as a work-at-home company, consumers are expecting them to provide information about actual jobs. It is apparent by the reviews and the description of the company that this is not the case.

AOJ is simply a sales funnel opportunity for affiliate marketing and allows individuals to earn commissions through affiliate marketing. It is apparent the reviews reflect the same information.

If AOJ online jobs is going to be an affiliate marketing company, that’s okay. Some people are able to make money taking surveys or doing GPT work. What’s most misleading is the advertising methods. Consumers are mainly complaining about getting their hopes up only to find the site is not what it is made out to be.

People are mentioning that they’ve been misled into thinking they’ll make $1,600 per week only to find the opportunity to be a complete and total scam. Ultimately, there’s a huge level of disappointment with the misrepresentation of information versus the expectation that was set.

BAD Things about AOJ!

False Information

The biggest issue with American online jobs is the misrepresentation of information. They market their services by telling people they can make up to $1,600 a week with an actual job. In actuality, the sole intent of this site is to promote paid surveys or GPT sites (get paid to). It is an affiliate marketing site that temps job seekers with the potential of finding viable work for high pay. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

AOJ Makes Money from You

AOJ work from home is nothing more than a sales funnel that encourages people to sign up for a link for commission paid affiliate marketing services.

The temptation of offering a potential job seeker employment is bad enough. What’s worse, the company takes individuals through a process still giving them the impression that they are performing these steps for the purposes of getting a job. They use this farce of a web-based work at home setup to lure and temp people into visiting the website.

Once individuals get to the website, they proceed to ask individuals a series of questions to get more information about them. After the pre-screening question phase, individuals hit the apply button as if they’re actually applying for the job.

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​Listing Fake Jobs

It gives a false representation of actually applying online for a job. The huge disappointment is there are no jobs. Individuals are taken from step to step only to get to Online Flex jobs. Obviously, this website is not American online jobs and could cause individuals to wonder what is going on.

By all appearances, this step in the process appears to be a sales funnel of some sort that offers individuals the opportunity to make money using affiliate links.

Affiliate links are not bad. The misconception of presenting a job site only to be told individuals are signing up for an affiliate link that is bad. Once the individuals get to the Online flex job, they perform three steps. They create their profile, pick their job and start working. Again this is all a huge misconception and is highly misleading.

This site, just like AOJ, does not offer any jobs. Instead, they offer you an opportunity to download an antivirus software for approximately $25. It is assumed that at this point Online flex jobs makes a commission when an individual purchases this antivirus software.

Again, there are no jobs offered at this phase of the process. Moving ahead in the process, there are additional sections on the site that offer a ton of free money making opportunities that consists of online surveys and other GPT opportunities.

Irrelevant Training Videos

These opportunities are not bad and you can make money with these opportunities. The issue is the misrepresentation of being told individuals will get a job by following these processes. After job seekers finish this stuff, they are then directed to the American online job website where they are required to put their name and email address to gain access to their member area.

At this point there are nine training videos that are presented that have absolutely nothing to do with finding a job. Instead, the videos give information on referral marketing or affiliate marketing and provide instructions on how to earn affiliate commission by promoting your AOJ link.

Not only is this type of activity misleading, the way in which they train encourages spamming social media platforms such as Facebook.

This type of activity is highly unethical and could cause individuals to have their Facebook pages shut down. Throughout the video process, the instructors encourage you by informing you that promoting affiliate marketing links is a sustainable form of income and it’s better than finding a job.The issue here is individuals are not visiting the website for affiliate marketing.

For any individual looking for a job, their sole purpose for visiting this website is to find a job. Not only can this be frustrating for job seekers, it can be frustrating for individuals who are able to sniff out this type of fraudulent manipulation.

The videos suggest spamming Facebook groups, which is highly unethical and can be somewhat confusing considering it’s supposed to be a job site. What’s even worse about this setup is you are told during the training that you would receive an AOJ site that enables you to earn affiliate commission, when in fact, no such site exists.

From beginning to end this type of misrepresentation presents a horrible user experience for anyone who is sincerely and genuinely looking for an actual job. There are plenty of individuals in the marketplace who are looking for affiliate marketing opportunities. If you are one of those individuals, then this is the perfect set up for you.

If you are an individual who’s truly looking for a job, this can be disheartening and highly disappointing. In reviewing American online jobs, it doesn’t appear that there are any good things to say about this site.

The only promising thing about the site is the opportunity to earn commissions through affiliate marketing. If you’re an individual who likes earning money through affiliate marketing, then this is perfect for you.

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Is AOJ Legit or a SCAM?

Based on the information and the facts presented, it is safe to assume that American online jobs better known as AOJ is a complete and total scam. They’re presenting affiliate marketing information and not jobs. There are no jobs marketed on their website. The fake job ads they use only entice people to sign up for affiliate marketing opportunities. When you go through the process of finding a job, you’re required to fill in paid surveys which is really how this site makes their money.

There are better ways to make money online with affiliate marketing. Information for affiliate marketing can be found below.

In the meantime, sites such as American Online jobs are total scams because of how they present information. If you’re going to offer jobs, then offer people jobs. If you want to offer people business opportunities then offer them business opportunities. The only fair thing to do when it comes to marketing these types of services is to market what you claim to offer.


AOJ is total scam and just makes money from you by sending your details to other scam websites.


There are no real jobs on this website, even though it claims to be a job directory. Absolute scam.


It costs 25-49 usd to join AOJ and what you got in return is no jobs and a scam type of training videos to promote AOJ.

Overall Rating:  1 / 5

Targeting individuals who are in desperate situations and looking for jobs is a horrible way to build an affiliate marketing company. The best way is to shoot straight from the hip and be open and honest about what you’re actually marketing. Fake job sites like this are a complete and total scam.

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