Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Best affiliate programs for beginners pay up to 200%, read the whole review to find out more.

Say you want to promote products that you don't have to own? and get paid right? Great idea, this is called affiliate marketing and this post will help you find the best affiliate program to join in 2020.

Online affiliate programs are a bridge between the customer and the advertiser. Publishers are connected to consumers and advertisers. 

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products made by different companies and earn a commission for doing so, typically on monthly basis but some do pay daily.

All you have to do is find a product you like and promote it to others. For each sale you make, you’ll earn a percentage of the profit.

Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Clickfunnels Affiliate

Clickfunnels is so popular that even people outside of affiliate marketing recognise their brand. However, their products are specifically designed for business owners, money-making, and affiliate education.

Apart from products that revolve around training affiliates and making money, Clickfunnels also offers products that relate to webmaster business opportunities and online marketing tools.

They are a reputable company, and they offer a two week trial, so you can test out their platform. If you already have a site, you could run a test to see if your visitors like their products.

Commisions & Cookies

Since they are so well-known, Clickfunnels has been able to provide high revenue commissions. They offer an outstanding revenue share of 40 percent, but the 2-tier commission is under 10 percent. There's also an exciting bonus opportunity to make even more money with Clickfunnels. If you’re able to maintain over 100 active users in their program, you will receive a bonus of $500.

Clickfunnels is known to use something they call a "Sticky Cookie" that helps their business track sales from your affiliate links. Sticky Cookies also help with member logins, advanced product features, and expediting checkout times. Sticky Cookie lasts for ever and this makes click funnels one of the best affiliate programs out there.

2. Maxbounty Affiliate

When I first started my cat affiliate program, I found out about Maxbounty's eCommerce products. This company offers a traditional 2-tier referral program, but you should concentrate on their generous CPA offers.

Most of their products are a mix of dating websites and highly lucrative eCommerce products, such as Hewlett-Packard and Shutterstock. Some of their financial services products have extremely high CPA rates. They also offer nearly 500 health and sweepstakes products.

Maxbounty is a highly popular affiliate marketing program that is known throughout the world, and it's used by many affiliate marketing experts that reside within the US.

Commisions & Cookies

Their 2-tier commission dials in at less than 10 percent, and it counts for the first year of each referral. Maxbounty has commission rates that vary. For small business loans, I've seen up to $280 as CPA. The only complaint I have with their payouts are that they come through Payoneer, which requires some adjustments to your routine.

Maxbounty has issued statements about using cookies to track the websites that users visit in order to create accurate records for affiliate sales. This information is available within the affiliate signup pages.

3. WP Engine Affiliate

This company has data centers all over the world; they currently have buildings in Europe, the United Kingdom, the US, Australia, and parts of Asia.

WP Engine's product selection covers all the needs for up and coming marketing professionals. If you're working in a small business, medium business, enterprise, or agency, they have something to offer.

WP Engine has a reputation of being one of the top affiliate partner platforms in the world because of their high commission rates and premium web hosting options.

Commisions & Cookies

The commission that’s available for 2-tier purposes is $50 for each of the affiliate partners that you refer to WP Engine. In addition, you get $200 CPA (cost per acquisition), or you get 100 percent of revenue from the first month of hosting. You get to keep whichever commission is higher.

In addition to the commission you'll earn, every member has the ability to earn bonuses for meeting a quota of more than five sales in any given month. The bonuses start at $100, which is given for completing the first five sales. After that, the commission bonus goes all the way up to $1,500.

According to WP Engine, they don't rely upon cookies or any other mechanism that's dependent upon the browser.

4. BullionVault Affiliate

While Bullionvault deals with the sale of gold and other precious metals, I was involved in creating essential oil affiliate programs when I found out about their offering. Oddly enough, I was able to take advantage of incorporating their products into my pre-existing affiliate network.

Since this company has impressive vaults located all around the world, I had no problem working the reliability of their premium products into my affiliate content.

Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals are their main product offerings, and they have several sophisticated widgets to help promote your business.

If you want more information about their reputation, you should take a look at what TrustPilot has to say. 94 percent of customer reviews awarded Bullionvault with an outstanding rating.

Commisions & Cookies

They offer a fair revenue share of 25 percent, and the 2-tier commission is slightly higher than most other affiliate programs. Their referral program is better than most other affiliates because it lasts for the first two years of purchases.

Although Bullionvault does not explicitly mention how it uses cookies to track sales, it does use cookies to track preferences of its members and online search activity.

5. Viglink Affiliate Program

If you're working with one of the pet affiliate programs, you should check out Viglink because they work with Amazon, eBay, and other lucrative platforms. One of the best parts of working with Viglink is that they have a unique tool that assists in linking your content to their affiliate products, so there is less work for you to manage.

Although, I would suggest going through your content to double-check that the tool is working properly. Viglink works with many of the top brands, including H&M and Victoria's Secret.

This affiliate program has a great reputation for connecting partners with high-end consumer products. I was even lucky enough to work my dog affiliate program into the mix. They're also involved with major dating websites. However, it is difficult to sort through program offers to find the best deals.

Commisions & Cookies

The main commission structure for Viglink's program is a 35 percent share of your individual network. While Viglink offers a 2-tier commission for bringing people into the program, it's only valid for the first year.

The length that cookies will last for in each program on Viglink varies. With the Nike program, cookies will last seven days.

6. Lead Capital Partners

Lead Capital offers commission at a negotiated rate. They are careful to screen new applicants for traffic rates, and you'll need to prove your physical address.

There is a huge selection of products in terms of commodities, stocks, bonds, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Since Lead Capital Partners are scrupulous about whom they select for their affiliate programs, they have a good reputation of working with lucrative products.

Commisions & Cookies

The commission at Lead Capital is negotiated for each new member. One report suggests that the commission is 25 percent of revenue, or the individual could have chosen to accept the CPA of $250

The 2-tier commission pays $40. The commission structure at Lead Capital is one of the reasons why this affiliate program is exciting, and it's worth going through the lengthy screening process.

Finq and other sites under the Lead Capital umbrella collect cookies from visitors. Their privacy policy is available, but they do not make their affiliate cookie policy clear before joining.

7. Dating Factory Affiliate

This affiliate program is great for beginners because it is one of the best dating affiliate platforms, it's easy to understand, and you'll get a lot of members visiting your website site at the very start.

Dating Factory will provide a massive amount of members for your new dating platform. They have several categories to choose from, including general dating, general casual, general adult, gay, lesbian, Christian, senior, black, Asian, disabled, and more.

Dating Factory has a good reputation for jumpstarting their new members’ careers. You'll be able to host a new dating site on your personal domain, or you have the option of trying out their platform by using a free sub-domain. They also provide several unique marketing tools to get you started, such as banner ads and fun quizzes.

Commisions & Cookies

The 2-tier commission is on the lower end, falling under 10 percent. However, the revenue share is higher than others at 50 percent.

The company does not mention exact parameters for cookie usage because these are subject to change, but you will be able to contact support for more information.

8. My Template Storage

This company is essential for anyone building their website from scratch because they sell all types of themes to use on WordPress and other hosts. In a few simple steps, you'll be able to set up your own web design company from scratch by incorporating the themes from My Template Storage.

With My Template Storage, you have access to a vast array of premium backgrounds, beautiful graphics, and exquisite templates.

This company has a great reputation for paying high commission rates to their partners. You get 30 percent when you start out, and the jump to 35 percent happens after you make 19 sales with their program.

Commisions & Cookies

Revenue share could be anywhere between 30 and 50 percent. As an affiliate (or vendor), you shouldn't have a problem turning a profit with these products. They also have a 2 tier affiliate program.

Although My Template Storage doesn't make their cookie policy known to the public, they offer all the right tools to guarantee that your sites receive the right exposure.

9. +500 Affiliate Program

+500 (also known as Plus500) gives affiliate members an edge to trade financial services. They specialize in traditional affiliate programming while combining the lucrative world of computational fluid dynamics (CFDs). This company has a great revenue program, and their 2-tier option is an impressive bargain as well.

The products from Plus500 are mostly financial services, including forex, stocks, and bonds.

This company has won awards for its forex affiliate program (from iGB in 2015 and 2016). They offer an easy option for beginners to learn the ropes of their program by signing up for a free demo of their trading services.

Commisions & Cookies

Commission are up to $800 CPA & their 2-tier program starts at 10 percent. The amount of money that you earn as a commission for each trader will vary, depending upon what part of the world your visitors are calling home.

Plus500 is likely one of the many affiliate programs that uses cookies to track sales. Their free demo provides insider insight into such methods.

10. TravelPayouts Affiliate

While Travel Payouts specializes in hotel and airline affiliation, I first started using their program when I was writing content about traveling with a pet for my pet affiliate network. This is a great program to integrate into any website that helps users find flight information, find tickets, or solve other travel-related topics.

There are around 20 different products that you may promote using Travel Payouts' program, including car insurance, car rental, tours, cruises, various ticket sales, and more.

Travel Payouts is known throughout the world for being one of the best white label hotel and flight search engine affiliates.

Commisions & Cookies

The revenue commissions vary for each product. As of lately, hotel products offer 6 percent commission, and it's 1.6 percent commission for airline tickets, but they also have a 2 tier program offering, which includes a commission that's under 10 percent. 

Cookies are used to determine which visitors have purchased products after visiting your website. Some companies employ a more sophisticated tracking strategy. Each type of product has a different length for which the cookies will last in a user's browser.

11. FlexOffers Affiliate

If you want variety, you came to the right place. Flex Offers has a vast array of products available for affiliate marketing purposes. They also have a remarkable search tool that helps you browse for the right product for your purposes. If you write content that involves a lot of deep links, you probably have trouble finding products to promote. Fortunately, Flex Offers has a search option for these purposes.

This company is connected with several popular high-end brands, such as Macy's, JC Penney, and Lending Tree. Having these types of connections is great news if you're selling consumer products, such as for essential oils affiliate purposes.

Due to the large volume of products available through this affiliate program, they have a great reputation in the industry. They are offering over 11,000 products for affiliate purposes, and about 3,700 of those products are available to affiliates located in the US.

Commisions & Cookies

The commission for each product varies from 10-60%,  Flex Offers also has a robust 2-tier program in place that ranges between 5 percent and 50 percent for each referral.

Each product/program in Flex Offers has a unique cookie duration. For example, Rachel Ashwell Couture is a home goods product with a 15 day duration.

12. Other Notable Mentions

The list is not finished, have a look at the below fast growing industries to promote with really high commissions 40%+ and unlimited cookies.

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If you're starting out in affiliate marketing, there are several industries that you should look into before you begin. I highly recommend you promote fast growing industries such as pet , cbd and essential oils. However, it's important to learn as much as you can to strengthen your affiliate marketing skills before joining any program.

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