Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs – Top 9 High Paid Programs in 2020

This list features CBD Oil affiliate programs that pay over 39% and have a lifetime cookie.

Choosing a profitable niche online is one of the most difficult things for an online marketer in my opinion. The best bet is to go for a niche that is gaining increased popularity and has lucrative affiliate programs such as the CBD niche.

CBD is a rapidly growing industry and is extremely lucrative for markets around the world. According to an October 2019 article in Market Watch, the estimate is for the market to reach over USD $2.4 billion by 2024. That is up from USD $270 million in 2019.

Any industry growing at over 40% Compounded Annual Growth Rate offers an incredible opportunity on which to capitalise. All of this together means that becoming a CBD affiliate could be very lucrative.

However, given the current state of CBD legalization in the United States, there are some things to know about promoting these products. The Farm Bill of 2018 is what has legalized the development and marketing of products derived from hemp. This law classifies hemp as the cannabis plants that contain less than 0.3% THC by weight.

To stay compliant, the products you promote must derive from these plants. In order to be legal, these products need to be THC free. THC is still federally regulated as a Class I regulated drug, which complicates online sales.

Finally, you must be careful about what statements you make regarding the use of CBD. According to the FDA, you cannot make a claim that a product diagnoses, mitigates, treats, or prevents disease. I highly suggest you master affiliate marketing with this course to maximise your earnings.

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Growth & Popularity Of CBD

Perhaps you are not yet aware – right now, the CBD market has become explosive in terms of its present and future lucrative earning potentials.  According to the report by the Brightfield Group (cannabis industry analysts), the CBD market will be valued at $22 billion by the year 2020.

Looking at this estimated value, it is obvious that joining a CBD oil affiliate program would be a smart choice to make.  Since there are quite a number of CBD oil affiliate programs, trying to uncover the most profitable can be a daunting task.

Therefore we have carefully hand-picked top programs that potentially offer good earning opportunities among other benefits.

9 Highest Paying CBD Affiliate Programs

1. CBDPure

This company is located in London, but they ship to customers all around the world. They have a great reputation for standing behind their products.

They offer a 90 day guarantee for most of their merchandise. Their products include liquid CBD softgel tablets, CBD for muscle and joint relief, and CBD products for pets. CBDPure even shares its lab tests with the public on their website.

CBDPure’s affiliate program is amazing because they offer one of the highest commission rates for their products, and they even have a 90 day lifetime for their cookies. This company is proud to have a high customer satisfaction rating, and they offer affiliate partners a unique set of marketing banners to get started.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 40% for each sale
  • Products They Offer – CBD for pets, liquid CBD softgels, CBD for joints/muscles
  • Cookie Duration – 90 day lifetime
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This is the type of vendor that your customers will go to in order to figure out which form of CBD will solve their personal problems. Even though you may provide your users with valuable information in reviews and articles, it’s nice to work with a CBD oil affiliate that offers insider information about their products.

For example, users will be able to find info about products to aid with sleep, treats for pets, CBD for bathing, and more. Everything about the customer experience is beautifully designed at CBDMD, including natural support through CBD products and customer care.

Even though the commission rate for their products is on the lower end of what we’re used to seeing from CBD affiliate programs, it’s worth giving CBDMD a try because they offer an outstanding lifetime for the cookies from their affiliate links.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 16% for each sale
  • Products They Offer – CBD for sleep, CBD for pets, and more
  • Cookie Duration – 90 day lifetime
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3. Diamond CBD

This company has friendly support, and they offer a rewards program to entice your customers into giving their products a shot.

Diamond sells edibles, cremes, vape products, CBD for pets, and other products. They sell a variety of brands, including Medipet, Relax, Diamond CBD, Diamond Hemp, and several more.

Diamond has one of the highest cookie durations in combination with a high commission rate, so you’d be a fool to pass up taking a glance at what they offer to affiliate partners. 

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 35% per item
  • Products They Offer – CBD edibles, vape products, CBD for pets
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Join Here

4. Healthworx CBD 

This company is located in Colorado, and they are fairly open about discussing their unique CO2 extraction process. They also provide everything you need to know about their affiliate program on their website, so you’ll be prepared before you start an application.

Healthworx specializes in providing all types of CBD products, including gummies, topical CBD, capsules, vape products, CBD for pets, and more.

The commission rate offered by Healthworx is worthy of your attention. You’ll make a decent amount of money on each product, and the cookie duration is compelling as well.

This company is known to offer premium products, and they offer plenty of deals to lower the price for the buyer, including free shipping offers and coupon codes on their website’s banner.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 20% per item
  • Products They Offer – CBD gummies, CBD for pets, capsules, vape products, topical CBD
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Join Here

5. HempBombs

This company from Tampa, Florida started in 2016, and they like to mention that they began their operation before it was trendy to use CBD. If you would like to talk to someone from their company, they have a reliable customer service department that is available through chat and phone.

When you start working with HempBombs, you’ll be selling high-quality CBD products for a wide range of purposes. This company sells CBD edibles and other varieties of the product. They even sell treats for pet owners to buy for their animals. They also have a line of apparel available on their website, including shirts, wristbands, and hoodies.

HempBombs offers a fairly impressive commission rate of 24% per sale. Also, they currently use cookies that last 30 days, giving you plenty of time to make money.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 24% per sale
  • Products They Offer – Edibles, tinctures, CBD for pets, apparel
  • Pay Period – Weekly on Fridays
  • Join Here

6. IgniteCBD

If you haven’t been involved in this industry for long, IgniteCBD is one brand that you need to get to know. They are changing the shape of this industry by offering great CBD products to go with their vapes. They offer both types of vape pens: rechargeable and disposable.

This company offers a decent affiliate commission, and their cookie policy is better than many of their competitors. You’ll have an entire month to make a sale off of new customers.

The company has a good reputation for their customer care. They have a toll free phone number and contact form available on their website. They are also active on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, Ignite offers an impressive warranty on all vape products.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 12%
  • Products They Offer – Vape pens, CBD drops, bundles, pet products, apparel
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Join Here

7. Medterra CBD

No other company on this list has such an impressive reputation for catering to their ambassadors. Medterra puts together fascinating CBD products, including capsules and tinctures. They’ve also recently released their own brand of fragrance free aloe vera hand sanitizer.

This company is easy to promote because Medterra’s website looks stunning, and they have authoritative testimonials from the medical community. They also have a fun little quiz for people to take to find out which type of CBD is right for the situation.

Medterra is located in Irvine, California. They are proud to offer CBD products to their customers, and they provide their license information in PDF form on the contact page of their website. They offer a good lifetime on cookies, and the commission rate is high for affiliates.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 20% on sales
  • Products They Offer – CBD Tinctures, capsules, and more
  • Cookie Duration – 30 Days
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8. Receptra Naturals

This company is located in Centennial, Colorado, and they offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States. Receptra Naturals has a reputation of caring about finding cures for ailments that plague their customers. They offer a variety of fantastic CBD products, including one that’s designed to help with relaxation.

Receptra offers valuable information to help visitors find out which product will meet their needs, and they offer advice for how to use CBD oil as well.

In addition to advertising premium products with free shipping to your customers, you’ll be able to take advantage of some impressive perks of working with this company. For example, their commission rate is 16%, and they offer an outstanding cookie lifetime of 60 days. That means you have two months to make profit off of visitors that click your affiliate links.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 16% on sales
  • Products They Offer – CBD tinctures, CBD for pets, capsules, topical CBD
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
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9. Vape Bright

CEO Jason Hand leads Vape Bright from Carlsbad, California. This company is known to offer high-quality CBD products that won’t contain chemicals, so they’re popular among consumers who prefer all natural products. Their website does a great job at introducing each item, and it provides clear instructions about using CBD vape oil.

Vape Bright has a limited product selection, but they sell everything that CBD fans need in order to experience cannabis through vaping, including combo packs, vaporizers, batteries, and cartridges.

This company offers a nice commission rate and a good lifetime for the cookies from their affiliate links. They guarantee robust reporting to affiliates that join in their business endeavors. Vape Bright provides the tools to train beginner marketing enthusiasts, but they also offer high enough payouts to entice veteran marketing experts.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 24%
  • Products They Offer – CBD vape, vape batteries, CBD cartridges
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Join Here

#1 Best CBD Affiliate Program

CBDPure was founded in 2016 with a simple mission, to make the highest-quality CBD oil available, and back that with public third-party lab test results and an iron-clad 90-day money-back guarantee.

CBDPure have a solid reputation on the market and thousands of satisfied customers and loyal customers. The base commission is a MASSIVE 40% for every person you refer. The affiliate tracking cookies 90 days long, WOW and did i mention their product quality is top notch?

I plan to promote this company myself now, hehe.

Program Highlights:
  • Commission Rate – 40% per sale
  • Products on Offer – CBD Tinctures, capsules, creams, edibles, pet products & more.
  • Pay Period – Monthly
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days
  • Join Here

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