Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review – Is it a SCAM or a LEGIT Course?

This deadbeat super affiliate reloaded review help you understand if this program is LEGIT or just another SCAM!

You did the right thing by researching first before, blindly buying another “great product”, because finding a legitimate way to make money can be hard.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a SCAM? Find out below!

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Summary

  • Product Name: Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded
  • Product Type: Affiliate Training Course
  • Price: $17 + OPTIONAL extras [$70-100]
  • Summary: Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded is made by Dan Brock. This course contains 23 videos with a total run time of 5 hours. Although this course teaches good basics about affiliate marketing the videos and strategies are really outdated and no longer work in real life. There are many better courses out there, which i’ll link to below.
  • Rating: 3/5

What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Dead beat Super Affiliate is a program that trains people on how to make money online by joining multiple affiliate marketing programs.

This program is a video marketing system created by Dan Brock. There are 23 videos included in this course which total 300 minutes. 

The program provides training on the essentials of affiliate marketing programs. The current program is an upgrade of the version that Dan Brock created a decade ago.

I will give you my opinion on the quality of this product and tell you if it’s a good option for making money online through affiliate marketing.

I’ll disclose that I have no affiliation with the Deadbeat Affiliate program. I did not do this review to persuade you to buy any products or services from the creator of this program.

Here is how deadbeat super affiliate looks inside!

How does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Work?

After someone signs up for the training, they receive access to the videos and the written transcripts to learn the program.

The content gives students information that helps them learn how to build their website and generate leads for their business. There’s considerable work involved in doing affiliate marketing when someone is new to this business model.

There is a great deal of work involved in creating systems that are part of the program. If you’re looking for something that would not involve a great deal of time, then affiliate marketing is not the best business model for you to begin.

There’s a great deal of work involved in making thousands of dollars per month as an affiliate.

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What’s Included in the Program?

The program consists of 23 videos that offer information on marketing topics that help people new to online marketing systems. Dead beat Affiliate assists new marketers with learning the affiliate marketing business model.

The training covers several online marketing topics which include: how to sign up for an affiliate program, picking a market that you would like to work in, information on selecting a niche, how to monitor your competition, signing up for internet hosting, and domain site, learning how to use WordPress, and how to add affiliate links to your content to your online sites.

If you are interested, the program contains two upgrades that are available for additional money. The basic package has general information on affiliate marketing.


If you’re interested in posting your content on several websites, then you can purchase a software package for an additional $23 that help you gain more views online to your content from various sites online.

Besides posting on blogs, the software upgrade will post your content on Facebook and Twitter. 


If you choose not to purchase the software package, you can select an additional upsell which the company claims will assist you with becoming a millionaire.

This millionaire-making package offers additional content that customers may choose which is like the products that marketers get from some private label rights companies to distribute to their clients.

The content is ready for you to distribute to your followers online to gain traffic to your online site to earn income.


The next upsell that you can choose consists of 20 online sites that allow individuals to access content to generate additional leads for their affiliate marketing business.

If you agree to buy this additional product, you will need to personalize the articles you receive from the websites, so you do not have the same content posted online on multiple sites by different affiliate marketers.

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Dead beat Affiliate provides its customers with a university that individuals can sign up for if they are interested in receiving additional professional training from Dan Brock.

There is a $67 recurring fee to attend the university. The university is an optional service. It’s the only ongoing fee that customers pay.

I would stay away from paying each month for this forum when there are reputable marketing forums out there for FREE such as Affiliatefix.

The Truth About Deadbeat Super Affiliate

This program is for novices because the program contains information written to educate customers who need an entry-level program in the affiliate marketing industry.

1. Income Claims $$$

The income claims that Dead beat Affiliate gives for this program are inconsistent. While there are claims that people can earn at least five figures each month with the program, disclaimers provided on videos offer different information on the income that affiliates earn using this training program. 

Company videos state that they guarantee their students will earn $60,000 a year because of this program. Other online income claims on YouTube state that students can earn $20,000 per month with the program.

This information is misleading because it leads people to believe that it’s easy to earn money with affiliate marketing programs. This is inaccurate because the work involved in running a successful online business is like other businesses that require a lot of hard work and dedication.

It’s misleading to have people believe that they will earn high incomes after working for a few months as an affiliate marketer.

The affiliate marketing industry frowns on some programs that this training endorses. Online marketers know these programs for using marketing practices that are not ethical for a major corporation such as Amazon.

2. BAD Practises

For example, Dead beat endorses a product that asks affiliates to use information that comes from the Amazon site which could cause the affiliate to get banned if the company catches them using these practices.

3. Outdated training 

One program Dead beat Affiliate endorses contain content that is old that was first used in affiliate marketing 20 years ago.

Dead beat Affiliate provides new affiliates with training on outdated techniques. These new online marketers would not know that the practices are no longer relevant.

The training program does not address the outdated practices from a historical context for customers to know that the techniques are no longer relevant in the affiliate marketing industry.

By providing irrelevant training, the new affiliates do not get trained on what they can do now to achieve the success they desire from the affiliate marketing industry.

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4. Confusing Upsells

The additional products that you can buy when you sign up for this program can confuse a new affiliate marketer. If someone is new, they will not have an awareness of what they purchased. 

Dead beat Affiliate should state in the beginning that when someone signs up that the additional products are necessary for the success of the program. New affiliates should have all the information they need to achieve success provided in one bundle.

5. Paid forum at $67/month?

There are other platforms that experienced affiliate marketers can use that do not require a recurring fee and it’s unfortunate that this site requires affiliates to pay a subscription service to gain access to individuals in their university who have experience in affiliate marketing. 

The university has several active users who communicate with one another about affiliate marketing topics.  

Dan Brock provides additional affiliate marketing training that customers can learn if they watch on his YouTube channel.

However, the training Dan Brock provides on his YouTube channel has more updated affiliate marketing practices that the training program should offer.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a SCAM?

No, calling the program as the ‘Deadbeat Super Affiliate Scam’ is not an accurate way to describe this training product. This is a legitimate way to learn affiliate marketing.

If you purchase this program, you will receive what you asked for. However just like I said before the videos are outdated and techniques too.

Should you invest in this course?

I do not recommend this program for various reasons. Documentation in the disclaimer contradicts the video statements that claim that the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program will provide ongoing income in a few months.

It’s unrealistic for new affiliate marketers to believe they will earn substantial income by working for a short amount of time in the industry.

These statements are misleading because the product is for new individuals who do not have an awareness of affiliate marketing and the work required for success in this industry.

The old techniques that this program teaches are not useful in the current market. Changes occurred in the affiliate marketing industry and this program does not include the latest marketing approaches that new affiliates need to learn to achieve success.

The program supports some affiliate programs that other industry leaders shy away from. These programs are deceptive, which may cause problems for new affiliates who are not aware of the view of these programs in the industry.

These recommendations lead me to believe that Dan Brock receives compensation from these programs and uses the Deadbeat Affiliate system as a tool to generate leads to support these questionable programs.

If Dan Brock created the Deadbeat Affiliate system just to generate leads for other affiliate programs he gets paid to endorse, this is something that would not be fair to the students because they signed up for this training program to learn how to develop their own affiliate marketing company not to become leads for programs that use unacceptable marketing practices for Amazon or any other retailer. 

I suggest you learn basics of affiliate marketing from this post rather than paying for old school information.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Unbiased Review

This product may be less expensive than other programs on affiliate marketing, but the approach this company uses contains some questionable practices. By not providing consistent income information and up to date affiliate marketing techniques to potential customers, the Dead beat Affiliate program does not offer an accurate perspective of what it takes to build an affiliate marketing business.

  • Very cheap
  • Easy To Follow
  • Out-of-date techniques
  • Dodgy income claims
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