Essential Oil Affiliate Programs – Top 10 Highest Paid Programs

Welcome! You’re probably here because you want to learn about lucrative essential oils affiliate programs and eventually join one.

Choosing to become an affiliate of essential oils program is a great decision because the niche is booming increasingly just like the CBD Oil niche.

For several decades, essential oils have been used for different health and skin care purposes.

This is because of the many properties that they contain. A number of those properties offer health benefit such as balancing hormones, aiding digestion, and also boosting energy levels.

Indeed, these special oils are used to accomplish several purposes such as aromatherapy, natural medicine, and beauty care.

Trying to decide on which affiliate program to join can be a big hassle.

In fact, you are better off using the help of affiliate marketing gurus in choosing the right program.

This is what i'll do - carefully picking the most lucrative and high-selling affiliate programs and presenting them to both beginners and potential affiliate marketers.

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Here’s a list of our carefully selected Essential Oils Affiliate Programs that can help grow your affiliate marketing business;

5. Pilgrim Collection Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days
  • Small product selection
  • Sign up Here

The Pros

Obviously, 90 days tracking period is something impressive to consider about Pilgrim affiliate program. While not the best, the commission rate of 10% is an industry average. 


They have few product options on their website. However, the diffusers which are their main products are quite saleable --- they are really stylish and innovative in appearance. Pilgrim has about 7 collections of essential oils and these will satisfy most people who are looking for improved Rest, Strength or Uplift.

Should you promote Pilgrim?

The tracking cookie lasts for a whopping 90 day period and this is what makes this affiliate program a great choice for anyone blogging in this space. The tracking cookie gives you loads of time to claim commissions from your visitors.

The product selection is not great but the tracking cookie and the quality of their products make it a nice consideration.

4. Organic Aromas Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 13%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • Medium product selection
  • Sign up Here

The Pros

Organic Aromas offer a great selection of quality diffusers. Further research showed that the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they have good ratings on BBB website.


The tracking cookie is not as impressive as that of Pilgrim’s, but they sure have better commission rate of 13%.

Should you promote Organic Aromas?

Organic Aromas has a nice commission rate of 13% (above industry average), and their cookie length of 30 days is not bad. 

Promoting organic aromas is a great choice in my opinion since they have a nice selection of products and the commission rate is higher than what others offer.

3. Shaman Oils Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 25%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • Medium product selection
  • Sign up Here

The Pros

Just like Organic Aromas, Shaman is a medium sized retailer of their own essential oils. Their products are known to be P-U-R-EPure and Natural (100%), Unmatched and Authentic Quality, Reliable and Trusted, Every Drop Meets Specification, and there’s guaranteed customer satisfaction. 


Obviously, their 25% commission rate per sale is mouth-watering, and their 30 days tracking cookie is okay, although not a match with Pilgrim’s 90 days tracking cookie.

Should you promote Shaman Oils?

Shaman Oils have an outstanding commission rate of 25%, and their cookie length of 30 days sounds good. Therefore promoting Shaman Oils is definitely my recommendation. Nice selection of products and amazing commission rates.

2. Diffuser World Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • Huge product selection
  • Sign up Here

The Pros

They have huge inventory of essential oils, diffusers, including vaporisers. Diffusers World is one of the best essential oil programs out there with commission rate of 15%.


Well, tracking cookie of 30 days is not bad, hence it isn’t really a downside --- although Pilgrim beats this tracking cookie.

Should you promote Diffuser World?

My sincere answer is definitely yes, it’s worthwhile promoting this brand of essential oils. There’s generous amount of inventories to promote, hence more chances of making more money. The commission rate is also impressive.

1. Barefut Oils Affiliate

  • Commission per sale 20% first sale & 10% after
  • Tracking Cookie - Unlimited
  • Huge product selection
  • Sign up Here

The Pros

Huge selection of essential oils that you can promote, plus amazing commission rate in my opinion. The commission offers you 20% from the first purchase --- thereafter, a lifetime commission on each sale you make, making it an additional 10% FOREVER.

The cookie is INFINITE --- it does not end, thereby generating you income each time a customer you directed to them buys.


Obviously, it’s all BIG pluses for this affiliate program, and no minus.

Should you promote Barefut Oils?

n my opinion, you should definitely promote their essential oils.  I rank them number 1 on my list because they give you a lifetime cookie and you can make a lot of money from a single customer.

The product selection is huge and the commission of 20% is even better. This one is a no brainer and you should definitely join this program.

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Obviously, the outlined benefits above are proof that you can make money with essential oils affiliate programs. If you are already an affiliate marketer, don’t delay to venture into these lucrative affiliate business opportunities. How ever if you are still an affiliate dummy then check out my blog.

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