Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is it a SCAM or LEGIT Course?

Is Global Affiliate Zone SCAM or LEGIT? Read the whole review to find out the TRUTH.

You did the right thing by researching first before, blindly buying another “great product”, because finding a legitimate way to make money can be hard.

Global Affiliate Zone is an MLM company, and is it worth your money? Let’s find out below.

Global Affiliate Zone Summary

  • Product Name: Global Affiliate Zone
  • Product Type: Multi Level Marketing Company (MLM)
  • Price: $500 – $2500
  • Summary: After a detailed Global Affiliate Zone review, it is absolutely a legitimate business that can be very rewarding upon taking advantage of the education and materials that are being provided. However they try hard to upgrade you and in my opinion paying $500 + for this material is stupid when there are much better alternatives.
  • Rating: 2/5

What is Global Affiliate Zone?

In 2015, two coaches from the AWOL Academy by the names of Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang came up with an idea to establish a network marketing business named Global Affiliate Zone. 

The foundation of the business is to offer coaching and training on how to generate online revenue for its members with its members doing only 10% of the work. Within this structure, sales are generated by having their members involved in marketing their programs which is the specific design of any network marketing structure.

But is 90% of the work really done for you? In order to answer that, we have to first dissect the question. Further, will following the materials result in a tremendous amount of sales conversions or is it a GAZ scam?

In other words, when you buy into the system, you’re buying marketing materials which takes 90% of what would have been your required work no longer a concern of yours. What you have to do after coming aboard is to set up your system and processes and then direct Internet traffic to it. What you really gaining is access to is a well-designed convertible sales funnel.

With this, just about anybody can make money from it, but you have to take into account that many are using the same marketing materials and are having a tremendous amount of success utilizing Facebook as a source.

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Will GAZ Work for Me?

The system does work but keep in mind that there is no need for a whole lot of creativity on your part. The system is already set in place and you can build upon it but not change it. So, you don’t necessarily need a lot of skill which makes it attractive to prospective members.

Your income is going to be directly related to how much value you bring based upon your efforts. In a nice way, production! The only way to develop or enhance your production is by building the necessary skill set that will make you successful, so this should be your priority.

What has worked for some is their focus on lead generation. This is enhanced through GAZ’s mentoring program that works on you developing your skills to convince others on your ability to deliver high-value.

This is the foundation of sales that will result in a high generation of income if you accomplish this. Preparation is the key. Take your time and learn lead generation. Spend most of your time in the early days focusing in this area. This will pay dividends for you, and the company will help educate you with this.

Technology is here to stay, so you may as well get on board and develop a keen understanding as to how their marketing system works. When it comes down to it, you will be the difference between success or failure.

One person who had intimate knowledge of some of the people that were already on the inside of Global Affiliate Zone. He was conflicted, because he wasn’t sure if this was a Global Affiliate Zone scam of some sort.

But due to his friendships on the inside, he took the position that the company was reliable and responsible. 

It had instant credibility with him, so he did further network marketing research and decided to give it a try. He actually saw that his friends really did generate high revenue from this opportunity.

Eventually, he acknowledged the fact that the training material and coaching were as advertised. The potential to make money from this opportunity is easy, but you have to have everything in place first.

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This is where the training along with a personalized coaching comes in. You must have confidence in the coaching and in the guidance that your fellow members on the community platform provide.

All active members want you to be successful because your success is their success. In a network marketing organization such as this, it is imperative for you to create your own organization within the membership and downline.

A healthy and strong downline creates unbelievable revenue for you. So, it is not only important for you to establish your business, is just as important for you to be a mentor to others that join after you.

If you are able to accomplish this, then you are well on your way to having tremendous success through GAZ.

How does it Work?

Global Affiliate Zone works by having the normal working everyday person supplement their income through an inexpensive membership fee.

The leadership of the network marketing company tries to provide the latest resources with solid coaching from trained entrepreneurs. With this, it keeps the ideas and the approach to business fresh by analyzing real business situations all over the globe.

They teach effective marketing strategies that produce high results in which anybody who chooses to participate will benefit.

This is not an individual effort, but it is a collective effort in which all members have access and will share their GAZ experiences, ideas and approaches on how to make money.

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The learning curve is reduced by GAZ’s trained coaches who produce live presentations and also with preloaded modules.

When you first join, it is recommended to be proactive with self-educating by repeatedly watching videos and going over the recommended information so that you have a firm foundation on how to be successful with your investment.

Here are four main ways that GAZ will assist you in your development:

1. Membership Coaching

After joining, a coach will be assigned to you who will assist you throughout the various processes as you climb your way to success. The one-on-one coaching is very hands-on and specific with a nice exchange between coach and member. This allows the member to be a fully engaged participant with no fear retribution. With the member’s engagement, it allows the coach to be very specific in crafting a plan that the member can benefit from to help them reach their dreams and goals.

2. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most challenging strategies in the world. People think it is very easy, but it is not. Marketing is more than just posting some words that makes sense encouraging somebody with a photo to purchase your product or service. With GAZ, you get the one-on-one training that you need that will drive Internet traffic to your sales site.

3. Educational Courses

After your initial sign up, you have access to a concealed area of the platform that is exclusive to members only. Here, you have access to a vast array of proven techniques by trained professionals. You will have the ability to gain a firm foundation on what you need in order to succeed.

There are also advanced courses available, so you do not have to progress in a specific order to learn even though it’s recommended. So, you have a combination of not only live trainings but also recorded one’s too that you can continually replay and learn from. With a combination of all of these resources, the whole idea is for you to gather profits quickly.

4. Member Community Exclusivity

After joining, you will be able to communicate with other members in a specific area of the platform. Here, you can ask questions, clarify techniques and generate ideas from the some of the world’s best online entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are here to help, assist and support you from a real-world perspective.

As you can see, GAZ provides an incredible amount of support services which also includes a technologically advanced sales funnels, customized marketing materials, preset emails and customized landing pages. With the platform already set, your business would be prepared to take off.

To further your understanding about the GAZ community, you can expect the following:

  1. 1Private access: Upon joining, you have access to others where you can share ideas on how to succeed.
  2. Weekly webinars: There will be at least one live webinar each week.
  3. Professional coaching: A coach will help you customize a progression plan which affords you the opportunity to quickly reach your goals.
  4. Active participation in live events: You will have access to GAZ’s leaders.
  5. Continuous support: There are easily understood courses designed to guide you in your business.
  6. Precise guidance: GAZ’s specialists will show you exactly how to not only set up your business but also email campaigns to help you achieve your dreams and goals.
  7. Increase sales: Through proven sales funnels, closing sales will be done for you, so you do not have to worry about missing a conversion.
  8. Continued support: You always have access to GAZ’s online support. So, if you meet an obstacle, you’re a simple notification away from resolution.

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GAZ Compensation Plan

GAZ provides an excellent compensation package purely based upon your volume of sales and other production related factors. Commissions are also earned based upon the number of members that you bring into the business. Keep in mind that each time a membership is sold by you, a 30% commission is earned which results in $29.70 monthly earnings as long as that membership remains active.

What is Gaz Pro Membership?

The GAZ PRO membership is only $99 per month and is the only membership offered. Upon joining, you get access to the following: sales funnels, marketing materials, customized pages, auto-response emails and live presentations, a whole lot for very little.

A membership includes the following:

  • 30-minute coaching call
  • 3-hours of training
  • Access to the private GAZ community
  • Group chats
  • Weekly training
  • Customized pages
  • Auto-responses
  • Leads
  • Continuous supporting calls
  • Presentations and webinars

In addition to all of this, you can expect the company to take good care of you and your business. They help you to establish a professional website and also to convert leads to sales. You are getting tremendous value for less than $100.

​Membership Costs

GAZ’s membership is $99 per month. This low monthly fee is excellent for those who are not fond of marketing websites who offer fee structures for their rendered services. This also gives you immediate access to tools such as training and coaching.

After signup

Upon officially joining GAZ, the new member gets assigned a coach where goals and dreams are discussed and who will establish a solid path to get there. The priority of the company is to encourage you to accept the back-end Enagic offer. Enagic is considered a back-end offer to the front-end product.

To sum it up

Global Affiliate Zone has a BBB rating of a B. With their 4000 members, It is in no way a Global Affiliate Zone scam. As of last research, there’ve been no lawsuits filed or have been found online. After a detailed Global Affiliate Zone review, it is absolutely a legitimate business that can be very rewarding upon taking advantage of the education and materials that are being provided.

There are many successful members in the network marketing organization. As long as you have the patience and fortitude to continue your progression, you will position yourself to have outstanding results which leads any high achiever to the manifestation of their real dreams and goals.

Global Affiliate Zone Unbiased Review

As long as you have a sincere desire to learn about Internet marketing, this program is designed for you. The program is beautifully packaged with a tremendous amount of services aligned with a monthly investment. This is a network marketing opportunity that is worth taking a look. However i think its stupid to pay 500-2500 for this material when there are much better options available.

  • Quality Content
  • Easy To Follow
  • Support Can Be Slow
  • Very Expensive
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