How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell in 2024: Secrets Uncovered, No One Ever Shared!

Welcome to how to find Clickbank products that sell. You are lucky or predestined to come across this article.

I’ve spent years researching and testing many Clickbank products. I found the formula to find the products that win. So that I can confidently share the proven methods with you now.

You will flush the money down the toilet or consume time when investing in a product that doesn’t sell.

Finding a good product can speed up your results on Clickbank. You become more confident and have a sharper view when choosing products that sell. (I need only a few minutes to find a good one).

In this article, I will share with you 3 evergreen niches you can follow (also niches to avoid). Next, I’ll show you step-by-step how to find the best products on Clickbank. (with a secret weapon for evaluating a product).

Ok, Let’s take a deep dive now.

Find the Products in 3 Evergreen Niches: Health & Fitness, Make Money and Relationship & Self-help

I recommend you to find the products in Health & Fitness, Make Money, and Relationship & Self-help.

These are the 3 biggest problems and essential needs of people.

Everyone cares first about health, then about money and wealth, and finally about relationships, love, and life skills.

Among the above niches, Health & Fitness has the most participation, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Clickbank is also a strong network for these products, especially eBooks about natural treatment, home treatment, quick tips, and immediate results.

Some other niches are also gradually improving, such as Spirit (Spirituality – this niche has very good selling products at this time), Home & Garden (Garden), and Parenting (Being a parent).

Products like Teds Woodworking Plan, Numerology, and Manifestation Magic… are great.

However, if you are a newbie to Clickbank (newbie), you should mainly pay attention to the 3 main niches above, especially the Health & Fitness niche.

3 Evergreen Niches: Health & Fitness, Make Money and Relationship & Self-help
3 Evergreen Niches: Health & Fitness, Make Money and Relationship & Self-help

Niches to Avoid

Forex, betting, and software niches have a very HIGH refund rate on Clickbank. Honestly, other people said that, and I have never verified it myself.

Avoiding these niches is when you use paid traffic.

Feel free to try for free traffic. Why? here are some reasons:

  • You may find a product that sells well during the process.
  • You can try new things because if everyone focuses on the above 3 evergreen niches, you will face high competition with other affiliates.
  • You may be the only person who works with these niches. No competition.
  • I listened to a story about a guy who does YouTube reviews on spiritual and software niches. He earns a lot of commissions.

Niches to Try: SEX (Update)

I know this niche from a Guru who shared.

This is convenient for native English people or someone who must master the English language due to its sensitivity.

This niche has great potential but is quite sensitive. Using traditional advertising channels is not easy.

You can find sites about sex, and ask the owner to post guest posts or place banners.

I have not done this niche yet. You can try it yourself.

How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell: Step-by-Step

In this section, I will teach you how to find Clickbank products that sell. This is what I often do to find the winning product.

You should follow it as a checklist and practice it often. Don’t forge to combine different steps together. (Note that the Clickbank Marketplace interface may change time and time).

Each time you find a product you love to promote, add it to your list for the next steps. (Use Google Sheet or Excel or any tool you want).

#1 – Filter the Marketplace List

Follow the steps below:

+ Based on Gravity

Firstly, when you go to the Marketplace, hit the “Search” button without any search terms.

When you have the list shown, filter “Sort Results” with “Gravity: High-Low“:

Find Clickbank Products by Gravity
Find Clickbank Products by Gravity

If you are familiar with Clickbank, you will understand this indicator.

Gravity is a very important index in evaluating whether a product sells well.

Gravity is the total number of marketers who have earned commissions on a product in the past 12 weeks. Source: Clickbank

The higher index shows that this product sells a lot and many people are making good sales. But it also means there’s a lot of competition.

Some people recommend choosing products with moderate Gravity. Ok, if you’re a newbie, choose between 20 – 80.

In reality, that’s not necessarily the case.

A high Gravity product is obviously easier to sell, your task is to find ways to surpass your competitors.

A product with low Gravity doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t sell. For instance, it could be a new product.

You must use CbEngine (instructions below) to see if the index increases.

+ Based on Rank

Same to the previous step, filter the sort by “Rank: High-Low“:

Find Clickbank Products by Rank
Find Clickbank Products by Rank

Rank is an evaluation index based on a combination of factors, including total sales volume, total sales generated by affiliates (marketers), and commission revenue.

This is the new index that Clickbank replaced the old Popular index.

The Rank index is an important index to evaluate whether a product is good or not. Of course, a high index means a good product.

It differs from the “Gravity index” by adding other factors to evaluate, for example: better commission policy, better support tools…

A product with high Gravity does not necessarily have high Rank, and vice versa.

Because Rank is a new index, I have not relied too much on this index.

Please try to dig deeper to see if you can find any aspects to exploit your rank.

+ Based on New Products

Hit the “New Products” tab while still keeping “Gravity: High-Low“, then you will get the list of products launched within 1 month.

If you want to adjust the month or date, just type those dates on your browser’s address bar. (For eg. Replace 2024-03-07 by 2024-02-07)

Filter by New Products
Find Clickbank Products by New Products

This index is very interesting because it can help you suddenly “catch” a genuine product with little competition to sell before others.

I found The Parkinson’s Protocol right from the first day it was released and got a lot of sales.

+ Based on the Sale Letter

Find Clickbank Products by Sale Letter
Find Clickbank Products by Sale Letter

Sale Letter (SL) or Video Sale Landing Page (VSL) is a sales page, a crucial element. It decides the game.

Some vendors (product owners) spend tens of thousands of dollars to test whether SL or VSL is effective.

Usually, a quality product should have good information: a big and attractive title, a video, a text version, testimonials, a good sales policy (discounts, free shipping), and a warranty…

Simply put, the site is beautiful and has detailed information, videos, beautiful images, and REAL customer photos.

+ Base on Clibkank Recomendation

From June 30, 2020, Clickbank offers a monthly review of the top 5 or top 10 best selling products of the month. For example:

Find Clickbank Products by Recommendation List

Clickbank also recently released information predicting products that will likely sell well soon.

This information is great, you need to “pick up” the product you like and promote it.

Clickbank regularly shares tips for you to comfortably promote.

Find the information from YouTube or Facebook channels to get more references in choosing good Clickbank products. Subscribe to these channels so you don’t miss valuable opportunities and information.

I found a great product from these suggestions, and still win the commission until now.

+ Based on Your Competitors

Competitors are good friends. They help you find Clickbank products that sell.

Type the name of a product you picked in the Marketplace, then search on Google:

Filter by Competitors
Find Clickbank Products by Competitors

If you find someone who invests in ads to promote that product. It means you can give it a try.

For eg: Search for Zen Cortex, a new product. I found 2 ads on Google. So this product is Ok, of course.

+ Based on Other Criteria

There are many other criteria, such as: vendor support, promotional tools, starting price, rebill

However, I actually don’t use these criteria much. You can research if you want.

Once you try all the steps above, now you almost have your own list. Let’s go to the next steps.

#2 – Evaluate and Find the Products That Sell

After having the product list above, you move to the next step to find your own gold mine.

+ Use CbEngine

First, you find the vendor ID of the vendor.

Since Clickbank updated the new version, finding the vendor’s ID is a little bit complicated.

You can hit the Affiliate Button (if available) to access the Affiliate Page. Find the link creation to make your link, you will find the vendor’s ID. Copy it to the Clipboard:

Find Vendor ID on Clickbank
Find the Vendor’s ID on Clickbank on the Affiliate Page

If the Affiliate Button is not available, hit “Promote” button, then create affiliate link. Copy this link, then open it in a browser.

Find the order button, and hover on it, you will see the link with the vendor’s ID.

Right-click on this order button, then hit “Copy Link Address“, you will get the link with the vendor’s ID.

Find Vendor ID on Clickbank
Find the Vendor’s ID on Clickbank on the Sale Page

The 2 ways above are for purpose of finding the Clikbank vendor’s ID.

When you have the vendor’s ID. Go to You can buy the Pro version for around $12 only. Here is the difference between Free and Pro:

CBengine Free vs Pro

Paste the Vendor’s ID to the Vendor Lookup then hit enter:

Find Clickbank product with
Find Clickbank product with

You choose products whose Gravity is on the rise. This is very important.

The product should have a Gravity graph that goes up or moves steadily horizontally upward.

Find Clickbank product with
Find Clickbank product with

Don’t choose a product that fluctuates up and down or that plummets.

Some products have good graphs but are starting to drop slightly. You add it to your list and check again to promote it later.

You can find the new products by clicking on CB New Products (update):

Find New Clickbank product with
Find New Clickbank product with

To summarize: the product has a steady and upward Gravity graph. That’s it!

+ Research the Selected Products to Promote

Use keywords (edges) about the problem the product can solve, and look for statistics.

For example, if the problem is Parkinson’s, you can search Google: “Parkinson’s US statistics“.

Search results will reveal channels that provide important information about the above niche. (information about the number of people having problems, terms used in that niche, geographical distribution, etc…)

This information is very important to help you design effective promotion strategies.

+ Carefully Study the Sales Page

To understand the product, you must carefully read every word or watch the sales page video.

If you’re not good at English, it’s okay, you can use Google Translate to your language.

Find Clickbank products
+ Carefully Study the Sales Page to find Clickbank products

What do you do if the sales page only has video?

Bonus tip: take the product name, and search “product name + review”.

It has a dozen reviews about that product.

You choose a few quality reviews to read what it is about, of course, with the Google translation assistant if you want.

REMEMBER to note down some important terms used in SL and SVL. That’s what helps you promote successfully later.

+ Contact the Vendor

You should contact the vendor so they can provide you with additional information and documents for promotion.

They often send you additional images, email templates (creatives), pre-sales templates (pre-sales pages), etc.

Some vendors generously send you the original product.

Please refer to the sample letter sent to the vendor:


I’m an affiliate on Clickbank.

I interest in promoting your great product XXXX.

I use (ads platforms: CPC, Facebook, Instagram…) for it.

I’m trying to find out the promotional materials.  Could you please provide or have any suggestions?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Best regards,

Ký tên

(My CB ID is abcd (registered with this email))

Contact the Vendor for Support
Contact the Vendor for Support
Awesome Tips:

When you’ve achieved a lot of sales for a certain vendor on Clickbank, you will have the opportunity to be introduced as an affiliate for other great vendors.

Usually, these vendors often come together. This means that they are not only vendors but also cross-affiliate with each other. They make a lot of money together 🙂

A vendor just introduced me to become an affiliate for another very good vendor:

Vendors will introduce you with others
Vendors are always ready to introduce you to others



That’s it.

You’ve now mastered the proven ways “how to find Clickbank products that sell“.

Let’s start your money-making journey with Clickbank.


P/s: This method was successful for me, but I have to wait to hear your good news.

Don’t say anything bad if you haven’t had good results yet. There might be something you didn’t do well enough.

If you find a better way to choose a Clickbank product, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comments! Thanks!

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