Is Survey Club a SCAM or LEGIT Opportunity? My Honest Review

Welcome to my Survey Club review. This post will help you decide if online paid surveys are an excellent way to make money online and if Survey Club is legitimate or another scam company!

I’ve always enjoyed making extra income through taking surveys and entering contests, so I gave Survey Club a definitive try to see what it was worth.

Finding a legitimate way to make money online is hard, so stick around for the whole Survey Club review.

I’ll show you exactly how Survey Club works. We’ll discuss reviews from Reddit users and online communities, and I’ll list the cons of their program; let’s get to it!

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Survey Club Review Summary

  • Product Name: Survey Club
  • Product Type: Online Paid Surveys
  • Price: Free
  • Summary: The good news is that the survey club is not a scam and is totally legit way to make some money online. The bad news is that its extremely low pay and not worth your time. There are many much better ways to make money online like the one below.
  • Rating:

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is an online “paid” surveys directory. This means that they operate as an intermediary company. They are like a middleman between actual surveys and users. Some of the companies they work with are expensive brands, but most of the businesses that Survey Club works with are marketing companies that have crafted daft surveys to get more information from users.

It’s free to sign up for a membership with Survey Club. In fact, you should never pay to sign up to take surveys online. If you have to pay, it is definitely a scam. On the other hand, just because it’s free to sign up for a membership on Survey Club, doesn’t mean that this website isn’t scamming its members.

In fact, some of the reviews about this company make it seem like they are taking advantage of their members by promising to pay for surveys that aren’t even available to users in the first place. If you aren’t put off by the Survey Club scam already, read on to see how this business works.

How Does Survey Club Work?

Are you ready to make an impressive living by taking surveys? It sounds easy, but don’t get too excited.

Let’s take a look at how Survey Club works before we get into whether this intriguing opportunity is a scam.

You’ll start out by creating a detailed profile on Survey Club, telling their system more information about what you’re like as a person (i.e. your demographics).

They’ll try to match you with appropriate surveys.

If you qualify for any panels, you’ll have to sign up for each panel separately and confirm your email address each time.

Now that you have a practical understanding of how Survey Club works, you might feel eager to join in on their business model to earn cash for your time by taking surveys.

If you’re still amped to join Survey Club, you should read what others are saying about the program before you get started.

Survey Club Reviews

In the next section, we’ll examine authentic Survey Club reviews left by users on Reddit and other online communities. Get ready to read what types of ridiculous experiences people have been having with this company.

Review #1: From the Reddit Community

In a survey club review on Reddit, WorkWithWallace replied to a user that was asking about payouts from this program. The user asked how long it takes to get money from taking surveys on Survey Club. WorkWithWallace responded that you’ll have to wait “almost two weeks.”

They went on to say that the time depends upon what type of payout the Survey Club user would like to receive in exchange for the surveys they had taken. Although it is possible to get paid within two weeks for taking surveys on this site, there are other payout options. This makes matters confusing for the user because it’s hard to tell exactly when each option will pay.

Review #2: From Opportunity Checker

In a jaw-dropping review on Opportunity Checker‘s website, a user by the name of Nate commented with his story. The user had worked with Survey Club in the past; he was willing to share insider feedback about his experiences with the company.

Nate posted his opinions, revealing the legitimacy of the company. In a startling revelation, he shared his lack of enthusiasm over not receiving payment for surveys he completed. This user spent a lot of time working on applications for Survey Club.

After committing to the operation, Nate found out that he didn’t qualify for any surveys on their website. The site collected his data, but it wouldn’t pay him for his time.

Review #3: From the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

In a review from Survey Club’s profile on the BBB‘s website, Sandra wrote about her experiences being scammed by Survey Club. According to this panelist, Sandra took a few of their surveys, and the survey results claimed that they would pay her for the time. However, the user was never credited for any surveys.

Alarmingly, she never received a penny of pay for the work she did for the company. She tried contacting the company through email, and she received a response telling her that the system doesn’t have any information about the work she had completed.

Note: Although this business is not accredited by the BBB, it has received an A+ rating. However, customer reviews are not used to calculate ratings.

Review #4: Another One From the Better Business Bureau

In another review from Survey Club’s Profile on the BBB, a user by the name of KrisS complained about how hard it is to make money on Survey Club’s website. KrisS told their story about how they had been working on taking as many surveys as they could for nearly half of a year. However, the user wrote that the amount of money required to cash out on Survey Club is too high.

In a matter of six months, KrisS was not able to make enough money taking surveys to cash out on their account. Sadly, they had spent all of that time only to accumulate a few dollars in their account. This individual went on to claim that Survey Club is not worth the time users spend on the site.

BAD Things about Survey Club!

1. How Much Money You Need to Cash out

You only need to make $20 on Survey Club to earn enough money to cash out. That seems simple, right? If you read the reviews in the last section, you know how meticulous this process will be.

You could spend the better part of a year trying to make enough money to get paid once on Survey Club, or you could spend your time on an actual business opportunity that will pay you for the time that you contribute. To make matters worse, some of the surveys on Survey Club don’t pay to your account on the actual Survey Club platform.

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They pay into an account on another survey panel’s website, so that money won’t make a dent in the $20 you need to make in order to withdraw your money from Survey Club.

2. You Won’t Qualify for Enough Surveys

Survey Club is a marketing scam that collects your personal information. Even if you spend time completing a myriad of forms on their website, you still won’t qualify for many surveys. If you are lucky, you will be able to take a few, but it still won’t be enough to make any real money.

In their frequently asked questions section, Survey Club discusses how they select people for panels. They claim that many people will receive multiple surveys each day, yet most of the people who have reviewed this company have claimed that they didn’t qualify for any surveys. How is it possible to make enough money on this site to cash out if you don’t qualify for a single survey?

3. Survey Club Is an Intermediary Website

The worst part about this website is that it’s not even the source that offers the surveys. It’s a gross directory of other survey websites. The only thing that saves it from being a completely disgusting scam of a business is that it’s not charging for its membership. However, it is making some money off of selling personal information to other companies.

If you want to plug your personal data into their directory in exchange for a few surveys from other websites, you should try them out. However, you might as well go straight to the actual survey websites instead of dealing with a middleman.

4. Spam Emails Will Become Overwhelming

If you’re ready to start trying to make money on this website, please don’t use an email address that you care about. If you enter your actual personal information, you’re going to receive marketing emails and phone calls from now until the end of your days. They never end.

I made the mistake of using my real cell number on Survey Club, and I still receive texts from strange marketing companies. They text me in the middle of the night about vehicles I don’t own, so I’m not sure what angle they have to sell a product to me. However, it’s entirely annoying.

Make sure to create a separate email, and make a Google Voice number. If you’re doing any type of online survey, use information that you don’t care about. You might not be able to give fake information, but you can at least use info that is of less importance.

Is Survey Club LEGIT?

“Is Survey Club legit?” This is the question on everyone’s mind when people first stumble across this program. Although there are some people claiming to have made money on this website by taking a few surveys, it seems like the vast majority of people who have tried this business opportunity have come away from it with much anxiety.

Is it possible to make money by taking surveys? It most certainly is possible. However, Survey Club isn’t the best place to go for this type of work. There are better companies that offer more money for surveys. Other companies have more surveys that users will qualify for, and other companies have a lower minimum balance required to cash out on your payments.


It took almost 6 months for one of the members to reach a payout of $20. This says everything about this program.


Members of the survey club online claim it is not worth your time and that they regret joining this program.


Survey club is free to join but do you really want to be filling a limited amount of surveys and get paid $20 for 5-6 months?

My overall rating for this program is 1/10. If you spend all of your time on Survey Club’s website, you might be able to qualify for enough surveys to earn a few dollars. However, it still won’t be enough to cash out.

As other users have pointed out, Survey Club is a waste of time. Don’t be fooled by this survey scam and other MLM scams.

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