I wrote this MONAT global review to help you understand whether it is another SCAM pyramid scheme or a legit company to make money with.

You did the right thing by researching before blindly buying another "great product".

I've some really shocking material about this company so make sure you stay tuned and read the whole review.

MONAT global is a controversial multi network marketing [MLM] company selling hair products and it offers ordinary folks to make money reselling their products. 

Monat Review Summary

Product Name: Monat Global

Product Type: Multi Level Marketing Company (MLM)

Price: $99.99+ per month

Summary: Monat Global have been facing a lot of controversies because of the products they sell. Multiple lawsuits from their clients prove their product are NOT natural and in fact dangerous. I suggest you stay away from this company and have a look at joining my my recommended money making system below which has thousands successful students.

What is MONAT Global?

Monat is not a new company. In fact, it has been around since approximately five years ago, and it was founded during 2014. The name of the company is a shortened version of Modern Nature, which reflects their overall approach when it comes to the products that they sell. 

Furthermore, Monat originated from a different company, which is Alcora Corporation. Alcora Corporation was known to place a strong focus on wellness and beauty products.

While they claim that their products are completely safe and natural, their claims are often too good to be true.

Not only that, but Monat has been sued quite a few times over the years. There even have been class action lawsuits against them.

Is Monat Global a Pyramid Scheme?

If you're looking for a way to make money, you may have heard of Monat hair products. However, you may also be wondering, "Is Monat a MLM?". Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes, and Monat global reviews often do not have good things to say about the company. 

Unfortunately, Monat is similar to a pyramid scheme in some ways, which means that only a small portion of people who sell their products will make any significant amount of money. Essentially, a pyramid scheme means that there are multiple distinct levels of the business, and it also means that you will need to recruit people to join the company in order to make money. 

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Not only does this make it more difficult for you, but it also undermines the long-term stability of the company. That's because multi-level marketing businesses are not able to succeed unless there is an influx of new customers, and this influx of customers is likely to become significantly smaller over time. 

However, it is not an outright pyramid scheme, and it is a legal business. The reason why it is not considered to be a pyramid scheme is that Monat does sell legitimate products, but a true pyramid scheme does not.

Monat Hair Products Review

You'll need to sell a large number of products in order to make substantial amounts of money with MONAT.

But the truth is their products are of bad quality and are extremely overpriced. Customer support is non existent with daily complaints.

1. Monat Hair Products

People hate the quality of their products and the pricing too. Here are some MONAT shampoo reviews.

2. MONAT Class Action Lawsuits

At least 4 class action lawsuits have been filled against MONAT global. Another one is on the way for fraud and deception.

Here is the proof.

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Based on the above i do not see a reason to promote this company.

3. Bad Customer Support

Not only their products are broken and overpriced but their customer support system does not exist. Many complaints go unanswered and the company has a really bad reputation.

Here is what Better Business Bureau (BBB) states about MONAT.

  • Terms & Conditions are not clearly disclosed
  • Customers cannot cancel their auto ship
  • Customers are unable to reach the company
  • MONAT ignore customers refund request

4. Media Complaints about MONAT

I've attached some video complaints about MONAT. People suffering from hair loss and all this thanks to MONATs hair products.

Cost to Join Monat

Unfortunately, the costs associated with Monat is quite high. That's because you'll need to buy packs of their products in order to get started.

In addition, you will need to pay an annual fee, which varies depending on the package that you choose. Their startup product pack will cost you $99, and the annual fee is $49.99. If you choose the business product pack, you'll pay $299 for the products. You'll still pay the annual fee of $49.99 along with a $99 startup fee.

The success package will cost you $399, and you still have to pay the $99 startup fee and the $49 annual fee. Finally, the overachiever package will cost you $649, which is the cost of the products. In addition, you'll have to pay the $49.99 annual fee and the $99 startup fee.

MONAT Global Compensation Plan

The global compensation plan of the company is quite complex, but there are a few different avenues that you have to earn money through the company. While you are first getting started at Monat, you'll earn bonuses called Fast Start bonuses.

After you begin selling products to VIP members, you'll earn a 15% commission on these sales. 

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Products that are sold at full price will get you a 30% commission. You'll also receive 20 dollars each time that you are able to get someone to become a VIP member. If you reach a higher level in the company, you'll receive a bonus. 

Furthermore, you may be eligible for a Builder Bonus every month, which ranges between 150 and 1300 dollars. There are other ways that you can potentially earn money from Monat as well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad reviews of the company, which means that you might not earn anything at all.

Is Monat a Scam?

Monat is not exactly a scam, but it's extremely hard to be successful through their multi-level system. In many (or perhaps even most) cases, joining Monat will result in losing money rather than making money. However, you do have the opportunity to make money in theory, which is why it cannot exactly be considered a scam.

Another reason why it cannot exactly be thought of as a scam is that they do follow through on shipping you their products. However, chances are high that you'll be stuck with a bunch of hair care products that you are unable to sell.

Unfortunately, you won't get to keep all the profit on the items that you sell. 

I suggest you join this legit program to make money online!

That's because you'll be paying commissions to all the tiers above you. This means that the best way to actually earn money through Monat is to hire people who are beneath you in the company's structure.

Unfortunately, many people have found this exceptionally challenging to do.


Your chances of actually earning anything at all are effectively zero with Monat. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to Monat if you're planning to earn an income online.

This means that you will not need to be subjected to the pyramid scheme-like structure of Monat and similar companies when you're working online.

If you want to learn how you can actually earn a decent income on the web, you should look at the affiliate marketing model instead and build a profitable online business.

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  • It is unfortunate because are so many false points in this article that are simply not true. I am in fact a market partner with MONAT and have not lost ANY money …. you choose to purchase product … you are not forced, so there is no way that you could lose money! The lawsuit also that you are linking is in favor of MONAT as well … it says at the bottom of the document that Harrington knew what she was doing was false and deceitful and that there was no backing to the claims she was making. “Titles” are just that … quick click bait type grabs that give people a 30 second opinion on something – read the ENTIRE document and you’d see that MONAT has won all lawsuits against them. Also, this 99$ startup fee is simply not a thing … when I joined it was 49$ (they were running a sale) and the ONLY fee is 49$ annually which is NO different than a gym membership, or a monthly Netflix account fee …. I am a PA student currently and I am taught how to read past bias and analyze scientific articles and information – and there is nothing that points to these products being as harmful as people claim them to be. I have used this products for over a year now and I have even dyed my hair with box dye (I am a brunette) all the way to PLATINUM …. and there was not one issue with the health of my hair. I have read both the extended and simple clinical trials of these products and there is simply no evidence to support the claims that MONAT products make your hair fall out … especially when this company was started ORIGINALLY for people that went through chemotherapy. With that being said if you are allergic to an organic ingredient in one of the products, then obviously you should stop and contact costumer support – which has been AMAZING for me since I joined. It is no different than if you are allergic to peanuts …. if you eat a peanut you are going to have an issue …. topical products are no different and people need to realize that there are exceptions to literally everything! I hope that this comment helped to set a couple things straight and give some more clearer, honest information on this because it seems that there are some major differences in what and how the company, products and reality is.


    • I have used these products for two years no damage my cousin has used same products and I have to say her hair is better then ever and she always post videos of her using the product and how to use it even her kids use these products. My husband’s uses the shampoo plus conditioner and his hair still grows no damage I have damaged hair because I bleached too three times in a week. So I’ve had to cut my hair short and these products make my hair soft and easy to comb. Products in regular stores have always given me major knots. These products from monat are the bomb. Some people may be allergic to an ingredient that they didn’t know they were allergic to because they probably never used that ingredient before. People are quick to sue before they even know the reason or seeking a doctor first. I’m not in it to make money im in it to save money on being a market partner that’s all I save at least 150 every other month on hair products and another 150 on the skin care products and at least 12 on the energy sticks that just came out yesterday so your 49 turns out to be free. Yes you get more in shampoo in stores but is it even helping? People think because celebrities use it and its on TV think about this do they really use it or are they just trying to sell it they could be using monat. I have never seen an Instagram video of any one using sauve or any other product from target walmart or salons. I was worried about using it but im not anymore. My skin doesn’t break out its been softer and it works. People just want money so they sue to sue but if they win I believe they fork out money if they lose they may fork out money its not cheap at all lawyers are not cheap. Trust me my husband had the cheapest and he was still 40 an hour and let’s say he wasn’t that good but now he doesnt have one anymore. If he got a new one probably 60-100 an hour. I had one paid $600 for mine i couldn’t even contact mine because he would charge $30 for an email and $30 to even answer it so there is $60. I was still at fault for something I didn’t do but all I had to do was spend 30 a week on a 1 hour class for 40 weeks I couldn’t do 2 a week to get done quicker unless it was for a good reason or needed to catch up when missing one


  • By definition pyramid screams are illegal in the US so it will not be able for them to conduct business if they were one. Please pick up a dictionary


  • I wish I can sue MONAT but I do not have money for an Attorney. My hair was totally damage, it is true about the itching on the scalp, falling hair, sores in the scalp. Until now I do not want to throw all the hair that keeps on falling and my hair is so thin and frizzy now. Every time I wash my hair and comb I like to cry because it keeps on falling, just a while ago I wash it again and really really bad. I knew there is something wrong but I read it is because of DETOX, hair will fall first and then it will stop. but it did get worse and its too late my hair is totally damage. MONAT product is really a SCAM.


    • Hey there, wow I feel your struggles. I am absolutely shocked that they haven’t improved their product line after so many bad customer reviews. I hope you recover from this and everything goes well for you.


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