Best Paying Pet Affiliate Programs

Loving your pets is easy - they are cute, friendly and think the world of you! But there is no doubt that caring for pets can be expensive, too. 

If you are going to own a dog, for instance, why not sign up for some dog affiliate programs that help you put a little back in the coffers towards your dog's future needs?

Top 10 Pet Affiliate Programs

In this article, learn about the 10 best pet affiliate programs that will not only earn you a little extra spare cash but can also help you boost your pet blog traffic and connect with other pet owners around the world!

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So let's get started.

1. Ollie Pets Affiliate Program

  • Commission per sale - 60$
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days

About Ollie Pets

Ollie Pets is a smarter way to provide food for your pet. This dog affiliate program prepares healthy meals for pets, and they deliver the food to pet owners free of charge.

The products that Ollie Pets offers are all designed to improve the quality of your dog's diet. Ollie Pets specially prepares dog food with healthy ingredients, giving their company a reputation of caring about the products they offer.

One of my favorite parts of being an affiliate for Ollie Pets is that you get paid for every transaction. The commission rate is $60 for each sale, which is a good amount to receive for providing customers.

While some of the affiliate programs on this list have short cookie lifespans, the cookies that stick in each Ollie Pets’ browser are good for 30 days after they visit your website.

2. ShaggySwag Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 50$
  • Tracking Cookie - 15 days

About ShaggySwag

This company puts together amazing baskets for pet owners.

Their products are designed to arrive as gifts for friends and family, or pet owners could set up a delivery to their own homes.

The products that ShaggySwag selects for its deliveries include exciting pet-related swag that every pet owner will enjoy, including toys for pets, treats, clothing items, and CBD treats to calm pets. 

They have a reputation of building fun swag baskets, and they even offer plans for regular deliveries.

ShaggySwag offers a fairly high commission rate of $50, which is enough to make us want to work hard to promote their products.

Fortunately, we have insider information about the lifetime of ShaggySwag cookies on each user's browser. Their cookies last for 15 days, which is a fair amount of time.

3. CBDPure Pets Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 40%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days

About CBDPure

This company is under the umbrella of CBDPure. CBD for Pets offers an exciting way to calm your pet with the use of cannabis.

CBDPure has a reputation of creating products that are powerful and beneficial for curing a variety of ailments, including pills and tinctures.

Finally, we have arrived at an affiliate program that offers a competitive commission rate. Instead of paying a lump sum for each sale, CBDPure pays you 40 percent of the total cost. This gives you more incentive to build an impressive array of web pages that link back to CBD for Pets.

If you were excited about the commission from CBDPure, you're going to love what they have to offer in terms of the lifetime of their cookies. Believe it or not, their program incorporates sales for cookies that are within 90 days of visiting your website.

4. Pet Ninja Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 30%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days

About PetNinja

This company was founded in San Francisco, California. They manufacture beautiful pet-themed pillows, blankets, and other household items.

The personalised blankets and pillows from Pet Ninja Shop are tantalising to customers of all ages, giving this company a reputation of creating joy for pet owners.

Pet Ninja Shop is a good affiliate program to investigate because they offer a lucrative opportunity to earn 30 percent of all the revenue that you generate with your blogs, videos, and websites.

Pet Ninja Shop is one of the few companies that chooses to offer a highly attractive 90 day lifetime for cookies. The timer starts after one of your readers takes a look at the affiliate through your website's link.

5. Petcube Affiliate Program

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 60 days

About Petcube

Pet Cube is a company that focuses on interactive, remote pet products and toys. The

In the spirit of the emerging era of "smart" home accessories, Pet Cube Bites product allows remote pet monitoring, treat dispensing and even communication via audio and video.

You earn 10 percent commission, which is slim save that the average product purchase can easily top $167, making for an average commission of around $13. EPC (earnings per click) is around $22.

If you regularly feature content related to "smart" pet accessories and remote interaction, Pet Cube might be a nice addition to a mature blog or website.

6. Tuft & Paw Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 12%
  • Tracking Cookie - 60 days

About Tuft & Paw

This cat affiliate program designs furniture for cats that looks beautiful to humans. Tuft and Paw has an amazing reputation for creating thoughtful designs of furniture that cats love to climb.

Tuft and Paw is a great company with high-quality products. They offer a competitive commission rate of 12 percent of the sales that you generate with your content.

In addition to offering a decent commission rate, Tuft and Paw has improved their cookie policy to honor the visitors that make purchases within 60 days of visiting through your affiliate links.

7. Majestic Pet Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 7 days

About Majestic Pet

Majestic Pet specializes in selling luxurious pet beds and cat perches.

In addition to providing exquisite products for dogs and cats, Majestic Pet has a good reputation of working with charities like the Humane Society.

One of the reasons that Majestic Pet is so alluring to affiliate marketers is because they offer a decent commission rate of 15 percent.

Although Majestic Pet has a lot to offer for affiliate partners, their cookie policy is quite limited. They only honour cookies that have been collected within seven days of visiting their site through your affiliate link.

8. Pet Honesty Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days

About Pet Honesty

Pet owners visit Pet Honesty to find affordable pet care products that assist in helping their pets live a happy, long life.

Pet Honesty has a reputation of selling top-notch pet health products, including supplements for joints, digestion, immunity, allergies, and more.

Now that you understand what types of products you should expect from Pet Honesty, it's time to generate revenue through posting affiliate content. They offer a meaty 15 percent for all the sales that you generate for their company.

In addition to offering a decent commission rate for all sales, Pet Honesty has initiated a generous 30 day lifetime for cookies.

9. Pet Mate Affiliate Program

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days

About Pet Mate

Since there are a wide array of products that pet owners enjoy, your pet affiliate program should include a company like Pet Mate. This is an all-inclusive store.

Pet Mate has a reputation for supplying quality products, including everything from cleaning supplies to toys.

Take a good look at how Pet Mate works in order to get involved in the 10 percent commission you'll earn on all the sales that you’ll make.

I'm satisfied with the cookie policy from Pet Mate. It's set at 30 days, so you have plenty of time to get people interested in their products.

10. Pet Crewe Affiliate

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days

About Pet Crewe

There's nothing pet owners like more than making their pets look super cute in adorable costumes. Fortunately, Pet Crewe provides affordable costumes that pet owners will crave.

Pet Crewe has a reputation of providing unique costumes of all shapes and sizes.

When I found Pet Crewe, I was excited about making money by selling their products, and I was fueled by making 10 percent of all the sales that I generated. Their products still make up a large part of my company's revenue.

The long lifetime of the cookies that are collected after visitors click through to Pet Crewe is a major incentive to get involved in their program. Their cookies last for a staggering 90 days.

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