Best Paying Pet Affiliate Programs in 2020

10 best paying Pet affiliate programs to promote in 2020.

Loving your pets is easy - they are cute, friendly and think the world of you! But there is no doubt that caring for pets can be expensive, too. 

If you are going to own a dog, for instance, why not sign up for some dog affiliate programs that help you put a little back in the coffers towards your dog's future needs?

​Top 10 Pet Affiliate Programs

In this article, learn about the 10 best pet affiliate programs that will not only earn you a little extra spare cash but can also help you boost your pet blog traffic and connect with other pet owners around the world!

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1. Pet Warehouse

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 15 days
  • Big product selection

About Pet Warehouse

Pet Warehouse is a great choice both for sheer variety of supplies and for diversity of pet species. If you have multiple species of pets in your household or you want to appeal to multiple species pet owners on your pet blog, you can't go wrong with Pet Warehouse.

For example, you can find supplies for common pets like dogs and cats and less common pets like birds, small mammals and reptiles. Pet Warehouse also has specialty items for fish and aquatic species.

Every category has quite literally hundreds of product offerings - up to 35,000 listings according to ShareSale. They are reliable and established, with an active affiliate program since 2003.

2. Petsies

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - NA
  • Good product selection

About Petsies

​This specialty company recreates your beloved pet in plushy form. For pet owner gifts and keepsakes, this affiliate really is unique!

It is hard not to recommend such a unique and specialized affiliate program that really does offer good value to both you and your pet blog readers.

3. Natural Wonder Pets

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 1 day
  • Good product selection

About Natural Wonder Pets

Natural Wonder Pet Corp. provides herbal remedies, vitamins, pest control (flea and tick) and other USA-based complementary products.

Many products are organic and the company offers a 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Unless you are working with Amazon, a one-day tracking cookie really doesn't justify the effort to enroll in an affiliate program. But if it fits your niche, there may be other benefits to consider.

4. Pet Plate

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • Great product selection

About Pet Plate

With so many dog owners moving to human-grade meal preparation over commercial dog foods, Pet Plate may have a future appeal that is only just now starting to come into its own.

The ingredients in each meal are human-grade and include whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and enrichment with vitamins and minerals.

It is possible to order breed-specific meals, which really appeals to many dog owners. There are different subscription levels for different breeds and owners of one or multiple dogs. You must have a pet-related website or blog to join this affiliate program.

5. Pupjoy

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • Great product selection

About Pupjoy

Pupjoy offers organic dog food, snacks, chew toys, other toys, pet clothing, pet grooming and pet bedding. Subscription boxes, gift cards and gift boxes are also offered.

If you plan to open your own pet blog or website store, Pupjoy offers something that is pretty unique in the pet affiliate marketplace - a B2B (business to business) storefront option. PupJoy has a nice product selection and a fair commission system if you can qualify for their approval process.

6. Dogonit

  • Commission per sale - 35%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days
  • Small product selection

About Dogonit

Dogonit specialises in orthopedic, memory foam dog beds for dogs of all sizes. They also offer customised dog beds for individual dogs.

If your blog has a focus in this market area, it could make a nice addition to your affiliate offerings. You earn 35 percent commission on what often end up being expensive purchases.

Dog on It offers a very competitive 35% for their affiliate partners. That is all the information available via ShareSale.

This affiliate program, with its extended tracking cookie and robust commission, may add a nice extra to your pet blog or website, especially if you focus a lot on dog bed-related content.

7. Petcube

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 60 days
  • Small product selection

About Petcube

Pet Cube is a company that focuses on interactive, remote pet products and toys. The

In the spirit of the emerging era of "smart" home accessories, Pet Cube Bites product allows remote pet monitoring, treat dispensing and even communication via audio and video.

You earn 10 percent commission, which is slim save that the average product purchase can easily top $167, making for an average commission of around $13. EPC (earnings per click) is around $22.

If you regularly feature content related to "smart" pet accessories and remote interaction, Pet Cube might be a nice addition to a mature blog or website.

8. Ollie Pets

  • Commission per sale - 10%
  • Tracking Cookie - 60 days
  • Small product selection

About Ollie Pets

Ollie Pets offers subscription meal plans for dogs that is deeply customized to each individual dog. The owner can share detailed information and the recipe is tailored to the pup's needs and delivered ready-made to serve.

Since there are many dog food subscriptions available, it may be best to just pick one to promote to your audience.

This affiliate program is sufficiently generous in all respects to be worth a shot. If it doesn't work out you can always switch after 60 days or so.

9. King Kanine

  • Commission per sale - 15%
  • Tracking Cookie - 30 days
  • CBD Pet products

About King Kanine

King Kanine has a unique model with a dual product offering of pet CBD products and grooming supplies.

All the CBD products are organic and King Kanine does a good job with education about what cannabidiol does and how to use it with your pet.

You earn 15 percent commission (on an average sale of around $77) - so expect around $17 per sale. EPC (earnings per click) is around $100.

Overall, it is worth looking into if this is an area that your audience may be interested in.

10. Doggiemerch

  • Commission per sale - 30%
  • Tracking Cookie - 90 days
  • Unique Pet products

About Doggiemerch

Doggiemerch serves the other end of the pet spectrum - the doting and devoted pet owner.

From wearables to portraits to personalized photo gifts, this website generates loads of gift ideas for pet owners who seem to have everything.

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