Best Pet Affiliate Programs – Top 8 Highest Paying Programs in 2020

Loving your pets is easy – they are cute, friendly and think the world of you! But there is no doubt that caring for pets can be expensive, too. 

If you are going to own a dog, for instance, why not sign up for some dog affiliate programs that help you put a little back in the coffers towards your dog’s future needs?

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Top 8 Pet Affiliate Programs

In this article, learn about the best pet affiliate programs that will not only earn you a little extra spare cash but can also help you boost your pet blog traffic and connect with other pet owners around the world!

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So let’s get started.

1. CBDPure

  • Commission per sale – 40%
  • Tracking Cookie – 90 days
  • Join Here

About CBDPure:

This company is under the umbrella of CBDPure. CBD for Pets offers an exciting way to calm your pet with the use of cannabis.

CBDPure has a reputation of creating products that are powerful and beneficial for curing a variety of ailments, including pills and tinctures.

Finally, we have arrived at an affiliate program that offers a competitive commission rate. Instead of paying a lump sum for each sale, CBDPure pays you 40 percent of the total cost. This gives you more incentive to build an impressive array of web pages that link back to CBD for Pets.

If you were excited about the commission from CBDPure, you’re going to love what they have to offer in terms of the lifetime of their cookies. Believe it or not, their program incorporates sales for cookies that are within 90 days of visiting your website.

2. Chewy

  • Commission per sale – 16$ per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 30 days
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About Chewy:

This retailer will impress your readers because they sell all the best brands for pets, such as Nutro, Merrick, and Greenies.

Chewy works with over 2,000 brands in the pet industry. They are proud of their exceptional skills in customer care, and they have customer service lines that are open each day of the week (24 hours a day). If any of your readers are uncertain about purchasing products online, they will feel more confident when they see what this site has to offer.

While Chewy ships to people around the world, their offices operate in the US. They’re located in Texas, Nevada, Ohio, and several other states. They’re proud to supply great products, and they enjoy enriching the lives of their pet affiliate partners with one on one support.

3. ElleVet Pet CBD

  • Commission per sale – 40$ per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 30 days
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About ElleVet:

It’s interesting to find a dog and cat affiliate partner to work with that has been endorsed by such a highly credible institution. ElleVet shows several studies on their website about the endorsements that they’ve received from a top-notch veterinary college. Graduates of Cornell University’s veterinary program endorsed the CBD products that this company sells by taking a double blind study.

Their main offering is CBD products for pets. They come in two forms. Customers can choose between CBD in the form of a chewy capsule, or they could purchase CBD oil for their pet.

If you are writing any content for your readers that involves scientific methods and secret formulas to help animals, you should include ElleVet in your reviews. They have high commissions for each sale, and their cookie policy is fairly long.

4. Companion Protect Pet Insurance

  • Commission per sale – 20$ per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 60 days
  • Join Here

About Companion Protect:

This company is known for its reputation helping pet owners with hefty vet bills. They don’t charge their customers more money as pets get older.

They’re currently offering affiliates a commission of $20 for each lead, yet the cookie lifetime lasts for two months.

This company has good customer support. They don’t offer support around the clock, but they have phone support during normal business hours. Customers will pay a $50 deductible for each visit. The company doesn’t discriminate against its customers based on the breed of their pets, either. Although, the pet’s existing issues will be uncovered at the time of enrollment into their programs.

Companion Protect offers solutions to all the questions that your readers will have about coverage, filing claims, and other issues involved with pet insurance coverage.

5. Honest Paws Pet CBD

  • Commission per sale – 58$ per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 60 days
  • Join Here

About Honest Paws:

This is an exciting company for any of your readers who like articles about all natural cures for pets. Honest Paws Pet CBD sells interesting types of remedies for pet illnesses, including turmeric and CBD. They sell products for horses, cats, and dogs.

The CBD that this company sells is available in oil form, and they have chewable capsules as well. They provide plenty of valuable educational articles that you and your readers should enjoy, including information about the uses of CBD for pet care.

Honest Paws Pet CBD is one of the most impressive dog affiliate programs. They offer a hefty sum for each lead captured, and their cookie policy is outstanding as well. It’s easy to enroll to become an affiliate partner of this company by simply visiting their website and filling out an application.

6. PetPlans Insurance

  • Commission per sale – $120 per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 30 days
  • Join Here

About PetPlans:

You’ll have no trouble understanding the value behind starting a partnership with PetPlans Insurance when you take a look at the sizable sum of money you’ll get from each new lead. They have a decent cookie policy as well.

PetPlans Insurance offers a reliable insurance policy for all of their members. They offer cat and dog insurance, and they’ll cover up to 90% of the total cost of the bill. They have plenty of information on their site about how to submit claims.

This company has a lot of special deals that other insurance companies don’t offer, such as paying for up to $1,000 for pet boarding. They also offer a super savings for members that keep their pets healthy; as of the time of this writing, PetPlans takes 30% off of the price of the premium for healthy pets.

In addition to their affiliate program, this company offers assistance in guiding you to becoming licensed for selling pet insurance.

7. American Service Pets

  • Commission per sale – $64 per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 60 days
  • Join Here

About American Service Pets:

American Service Pets is helping people with service animals save a lot of money on hotel stays and air travel. This information will prove valuable for anyone who has a service animal in their life.

This interesting niche company offers impressive deals for people who own service animals. One of their products involves getting your service animal onto airplanes without having to go through much hassle; they offer a letter of certification that helps pet owners get their service animals onto flights without paying for extra fees. Your readers will enjoy hearing about the huge savings they will obtain through working with American Service Pets.

Best of all, this company pays a hefty fee of $64 for each lead. In addition to that awesome deal, they offer their partners an impressive lifetime for cookies.

8. 1-800 Pet Meds

  • Commission per sale – $16 per lead
  • Tracking Cookie – 30 days
  • Join Here

About 1-800 Pet Meds:

This is one of the biggest retailers for pet medication of all time, including medicine for the coat, flea medication, tick ointment, dental care, vitamins, medicine for joints, and many other products for pets.

1-800 Pet Meds has a fairly good cookie policy. Although the pay per lead is on the lower end, this company has been around for a long time. They’re reliable, and they’re upfront about offering plenty of information about their affiliate program. Their programs have a tiered structure. They offer 10% commission, and they pay $16 per lead. They also have a new customer referral bonus, so you should try convincing others in your network to try this program.

Pet Meds is as reliable as a regular pharmacy. They’re so well-known that they’re publicly traded on NASDAQ; look for the PETS symbol on your stock ticker.

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