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Bought a brand new BMW 330E for Christmas :)

So, who am I?

Hi, my name is Ilmar! A 23 year old college drop out who makes passive income online since 2016...

Back in 2016 I was already sick of long college days where at the end of the day I would only make 30-50k per year if I was even lucky to get a job after graduating.

I began my research of making money online and just like many people, I got scammed by many "make money online" scams/courses and I lost all my college savings.

I was really upset but I never quit my research.

After finding so many successful and young online entrepreneurs, my only option was to continue my search.

I began researching different business models of making money online.

Web design and affiliate marketing caught my eye.

I did not have any money so I mastered basic web design by watching youtube tutorials.

I landed a few jobs from local companies and friends and made my first 5k with my laptop.

Affiliate marketing business model caught my eye the most and here is why:

  • You don't need to own a product
  • You don't need paid ads
  • You don't need to sell face to face
  • You don't need to annoy people

I've tried many paid affiliate marketing courses in the last few years and many were a waste of money. I was always aware of the many scams online, I did hours of research until I found a legit training course which is FREE to try for 7 days.

So what happened after?

  • I've built 3 profitable blogs
  • They earned first $1000 after 4 months
  • I earned my first $40,000 after 8 months.
  • After 300 days my monthly income passed $10,000

Whats Included in this affiliate university program?

Free to Try

This affiliate platform is FREE to join without a credit card. First 10 lessons are free to watch, so its a no brainer to try it out.

Premium Tools

This platform includes premium tools such as keyword research tool, content management, website creation and more.

24/7 Support

Support is always there to help you out with your questions and even a community of other affiliate marketers is included in this platform.

Create a Website in 30 sec

Hosting and website creation is included in this platform which costs over 100 dollars per year as a stand alone service.

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