Super Affiliate System Review 3.0 – John Crestani Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Super Affiliate System Review. Find out if this course by John Crestani is Scam or LEGIT.

I've experienced the whole course from video one to reveal the ugly truth to you.

Now a days it can be hard to find a legitimate way to make money online, So, make sure you stick around for the whole review.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Summary

Super Affiliate System focuses mainly on running paid traffic and totally skips the free traffic SEO method for making money with affiliate marketing. The price of the course is $999, which to me is quite a lot considering John Crestanis course is incomplete. If you only want to master paid traffic affiliate marketing then this course is for you, however if you don't want to spend $999 then start this training for FREE and save your money. 


What is this course about?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is the most recent adaptation of John Crestani's course and claims to be the number 1 ranked online affiliate marketing course on the web.

At $997 it's a medium evaluated course that promises to unveil to you all that you have to know before profiting on the web as a member. 

This review will not be some BS where I offer you 50 rewards worth $100k at the bottom of the page for purchasing his course. Many such reviews are plainly intended to sell you on the course so you get the rewards.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani has been around the affiliate world for a long time and has helped a large number of students start their affiliate marketing businesses. 

He's the man with the whiskers that drives around in that white Lamborghini and talks about making money online at numerous events throughout the world.

John is an incredible Youtuber with more than 95,000 subs with certain videos getting more than 2 million views.

There's a ton of negative reviews about John on the web, many captioned John Crestani scam, however if you look at the footer of those reviews, you'll discover every one of them are Wealthy Affiliate individuals. 

Indeed, even the owners of that platform launched paid promotions on Google about it, it's a messy game shockingly yet that is the reason there's such a significant number of blended reviews. 

Whats Inside of the John Crestani's course?

Once inside the member’s zone the initial video is an introduction showing you on how the course will run. The large highlighting is on correspondence and you're told about the various contact techniques John and his group like to utilize.

You can anticipate online messages, calls and Facebook ambassador notices. 

You're also told about John's weekly meet up webinars which happen each week on Friday at 3pm PST. In case you're in the UK or Europe this time may be very late on a Friday evening, you can chat during this time with John live, he's checks his students work and offers helps on these webinars. 

Whats included in this course?

The course's essential objective is to enable you to become a traffic expert marketer in about a month and a half.

Over these a month and a half you'll gain access to 50 hours of video content covering A-Z paid traffic training.


The course is separated then into six modules/weeks:

Module 1: Introduction and System Setup

This first module takes on objective setting. This module tells you the best way to join affiliate networks like Clickbank. 

It's essential to note you don't need to utilize Clickbank, particularly in case you're from a nation, for example, India where this network is prohibited. You can utilize options, like Shareasale, MaxBounty, Peerfly, JvZoo or Warriorplus. You will learn on how to construct the landing page, pre-sell page and site when required. 

This module will teach you about setting up your first Facebook Ad.

Experienced marketers will not find anything fresh from this content. 

Module 2: Success Skills

Obviously, this is all about being a great admirer of mindset videos but this course uses the whole video series to show how to get started. You'll figure out how to learn about your niche, locate an offer, and pick an ad network. You'll additionally figure out how to network adequately and get to know reasons. 

Module 3: Marketing Skills

Module 3 in Super Affiliate System 3.0 teaches how to turn into an appropriate advertiser through the brain science of promotions. 

You'll learn how to make and structure extraordinary promotion by duplicating and pursuing John's 17 stage recipe to turn you into a copywriting master. 

At this point you'll figure out how to upgrade your promotions accurately. 

Module 4: Facebook and Google Ads

John Crestani is a master when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Odds are you've seen his promotions everywhere throughout the internet, you probably clicked to attend his free Webinar.

This module takes a look at the significance of Facebook Ads and how to be consistent when advertising partner offers through their platform. It's extremely simple to get banned on facebook in case you're not careful so follow cautiously. 

It was satisfying to see the degree of detail in this area. 

Module 5: Native and Youtube Ads

Week five dives into two unique methodologies that most courses basically neglect to make reference to and these are local ads and Youtube ads. 

You'll figure out how to arrangement local ads with platforms, for example, Voluum, MGID, Outbrain and Taboola. 

You likewise get an understanding into the universe of Youtube Ads which can be costly… simply consider Tai Lopez...right inside my carport. 

Local advertisements are an extraordinary method to advance member ads and John's training is the absolute best here. 

Module 6: Scaling and Outsourcing

In the last weeks of training you'll figure out how to utilize deals pipes with Clickfunnels which can build your skills to effectively catch leads. 

You'll figure out how to move through different contextual investigations and media purchasing strategies 

Ultimately there is an outsourcing module on getting help for your organization. 

Super Affiliate System 3.0 REVIEW

While paid traffic works and is perhaps the quickest approaches to see returns, it's additionally the quickest method to blow your capital in minutes. This course is great if you want to master paid traffic and it even gives you swipes and documents for your ads. This course is also constantly updated.

Super affiliate system in my opinion misses a lot of things such as email marketing, SEO and free traffic techniques.

I suggest you save that $999 and don't buy this course but instead try wealthy affiliate training for FREE.


  • Great paid ads content
  • Updated course
  • Weekly webinars
  • Very expensive
  • No free traffic training.
  • Only paid ads.
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