The Super Affiliate Network Review – Is it a SCAM or LEGIT Course?

Welcome to The Super Affiliate Network Review, is this product SCAM or LEGIT? let’s find out.

You did the right thing by researching first before, blindly buying another “great product”, because finding a legitimate way to make money can be hard.

The Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing training course, but is it worth your money? 

Let’s find out below.

The Super Affiliate Network Summary

It’s clear that this course was specifically designed to help beginners get started in this business. The training does only focus on a small area of affiliate marketing. While it is effective you need more advanced strategies to compete in this industry. However, if you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced affiliate marketer that’s generating some kind of income with the affiliate business model, then there are other courses that would be better suited for you. I would highly suggest you stay away and try a better solution by clicking below.​

Rating: 2/5

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

The affiliate marketing industry is set to hit $6.8 billion by 2020. There are many opportunities that are available for you to capitalize on. Naturally, you’ve probably come across many courses that sell the dream of creating a business out of this industry.

These courses often claim that it’s easy to make money from the affiliate marketing program business. But anyone who really tried to launch an affiliate marketing business knows this is far from true. 

The Super Affiliate Network takes a different approach.

Misha Wilson is the creator of The Super Affiliate Network. It’s a legitimate company that is headquartered in Kihei, Hawaii. It’s backed by a team of entrepreneurs, coaches, and staff that’s dedicated to helping you succeed.

The company offers a wide variety of training from online video courses, live webinars, live training, and even one on one coaching. What’s more they offer various resources to help you succeed in the form of mentoring, specialized classes, and a live interactive community.

What does it include?

The Super Affiliate Network offers many different membership levels to accommodate your level of expertise.

The basic membership offers the following:

– Three-phase beginner bootcamp that covers entrepreneurial fundamentals like mindset and psychology.

– A course that covers important marketing strategies like email marketing, lead generation, automation, and sales campaigns.

– A dedicated coach that helps you at the end of each week so that you’re never left confused about what to do.

– Online group coaching to cover anything from questions, strategies, to technical topics.

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The premium membership = all of the above + the following:

– The Solo Ad Success Formula course to help you run profitable campaigns from email campaigns.

If you want ongoing training, you can opt for the Super Affiliate Monthly which is a monthly newsletter that covers the latest techniques and strategies.

If you are more on the advanced side of things, you can go with the pro membership which includes:

– Advanced strategies on topics like SEO, online advertising, creating systems, and more.

– Monthly coaching sessions where you are given personalized coaching for your business.

– Ongoing weekly coaching where you’re given advice and critiques for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

– Exclusive products and training that are only available to pro members.

Finally, if you want the best training available, you can become of the Maui mentoring group. This live mastermind covers advanced marketing strategies and gives you the chance to network while partaking in fun activities in Maui.

The Super Affiliate Network Cost?

The great thing about the Super Affiliate Networks is that it offers many different price points depending on your needs and wants.

The basic membership is very affordable. You can join for $37 a month if you join right away rather than take the $1 trial.

The premium membership costs an additional $97 as a one time upgrade. If you want the Super Affiliate Monthly it will be another $47 one time upgrade.

The pro membership is where pricing picks up at $2497. The reason for this is because you get a very high level of coaching.

Finally, the Maui event costs $12,497 and is only open to a few people every year. It’s obviously for people already having success with their business and are looking to take things to the next level.

The bottom line is that The Super Affiliate Network offers a price point for everyone. The training is more affordable than other courses. It also gives you access to ongoing training and a real community.

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Super Affiliate Network Scam or Legit?

While there are complaints about this business, The Super Affiliate Network is legit. The company does have a handful of successful students that are making a living with affiliate marketing.

However, it should be pointed out that most people do not end up building a successful business online.

There are many different challenges from capital, competition, skills, trends and industry-specific challenges. With that said, The Super Affiliate Network does offer solid training that focuses on solo email ads, email marketing, conversion, and funnels. It offers a solid value for the price.

The bottom line is that The Super Affiliate Network is a solid course for beginners that want to get their feet wet in the affiliate marketing business.

The training does a good job in walking beginners through fundamentals like the technical details, mindset, overview of the business model, and basic online marketing strategies.

Many people also like the fact that they can earn commissions promoting the membership site. Since there is a tiered membership structure, you have many opportunities to make money promoting The Super Affiliate Network.

While very few end up making a large income from it, they do say their earnings more than cover the cost of their membership.

With that said, the training does only focus on a small area of affiliate marketing. While it is effective, you need more advanced strategies to compete in this industry.

This industry is very challenging as you have to deal with rotating offers, changing trends, savvy competitors, and other issues.

The Super Affiliate Network Unbiased Review

This course is very expensive and training is not worth the cost. There are much better affiliate courses online that are much cheaper and provide research tools and hosting as part of the member ship. This course has many up-sells and basic membership will get you nowhere. It would be smarter to invest in a course that teaches you about SEO, content marketing, push notification ads, and other advanced strategies.

  • The training is great for beginners
  • There is an actual person and team behind the company
  • Affordable
  • Expensive intermediate plan
  • Basic membership offers limited knowledge
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