Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – Is it Scam or Legit?

Find out if Wealthy Affiliate Program can make you money online!

Hey guys, welcome back and today we are going to look at another review by me and this time it is the well known wealthy affiliate program.

WA has been around for quite some time and I've been a member of it for about a year now. I decided to write this review and tell you about this program and whether you should invest your money in it or not.

So let's not waste anymore of your time and get right into it. 

By the end of this review you'll find out if this course can help you succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

The main strength of the wealthy affiliate program is that there is a big community of affiliate marketers just like you trying to make money online to whom you can chat to and get support from. WA is free to join for 7 days and after that you must pay $20-49 a month to continue. WA has everything you need to know about making money online with affiliate marketing from A-Z. It's a great and affordable training course which covers everything even if you are an absolute beginner however some videos are outdated.

How was Wealthy Affiliate Born?

Wealthy affiliate started way back in 2005 by two friends who were successful in affiliate marketing and have decided to help out others.

WA is a place to learn, build and communicate between other members and co-owners.

Full Review on Wealthy Affiliate 2019

The main strength of the wealthy affiliate program is that there is a big community of affiliate marketers just like you trying to make money online.

WA is free to join however you must upgrade to the paid plan at 20-$49 per month within 7 days of FREE registration. 

You get all of the above lessons in the FREE Membership.

Level 1: Getting Started

This is the first section of the course under Online Entrepreneur Certification and shows you the basics of finding a niche and setting up a basic website.

Lesson 1

Includes an intro video of how you'll achieve success and a walkthrough of the platform.

Lesson 2

This lesson talks all about affiliate marketing model for beginners & ways to make money.

Lesson 3

Talks all about different kind of niches you can dive in to maximise your earnings

Lesson 4

Talks all about building out your own website the right way. In this very lesson they try to get you start a website on their own website builder tool inside of the membership area plus you'll have to use their own hosting.

I would suggest you NOT build a website on their own platform because you have no control over you digital asset if something bad happens. It is always a wise decision to host and build your website manually at a trusted hosting provider such as A2Hosting.

Lesson 5

Once your website has been hosted and wordpress has been installed, you will watch this lesson which shows some really basic wordpress configuration stuff like activating plugins and removing pages and posts.

Lesson 6

They suggest you install a plugin called "all in one seo" and make your page title stand out which is kinda WRONG, they never mentioned to put your keywords in the page title which does help in ranking and getting traffic.

Lesson 7

This is another basic lesson that shows you how to set up your privacy and about us pages.

Lesson 8

Another basic lesson that teaches you how to set up the menus on your website.

Lesson 9

Your introduction to keyword research and how to find the right ones. You are introduced to the free keyword tool built into the WA dashboard by the name of "Jaaxy" which i don't really think is accurate.

Lesson 10

This is not really a lesson and you just learn that your FREE training has finished and it's time to upgrade. If you wish to continue and if you are fast about it then you'll pay $19 for the first month and  $49 thereafter each month.

What you get in the Paid Membership?

After your 10 FREE lessons from Level 1 you'll be forced to upgrade at $49 per month which unlocks the rest of the program. Sections called Online Entrepreneur Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp are fully unlocked.

>>Online Entrepreneur Certification<<

This section contains 5 courses and 50 lessons. The Level 1-getting started is free as described above and everything else after it is paid.

Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

This section of training already assumes you've picked a niche and your site is set up.

Level 2 contains 10 lessons:

  • Branding - picking your domain/brand
  • Branding/Domain - moving your site over from subrubix. 
  • Keywords - Choosing a target keyword, writing your article, publish your post
  • Setting up your email accounts
  • Traffic - creating a keyword rich article.
  • Making use of visuals - adding relevant images
  • Understanding low competition keywords - how to identify and use these keywords
  • Trust - using a 'real' person as writer of content & blog - not just admin.
  • Productivity - this is a mindset section all about working smarter. 
  • Boost your Wealthy Affiliate ranks. This section encourages you to write a blog post in the WA community about your progress so far and you get "ambassador" points.
Level 3: Making Money

This part shows you the different ways of money making using traffic and your website. 

In this part you learn that quality content is king and that you have to provide "value" to the reader.

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How to find the right affiliate programs (niche relevant, etc.)
  • How to add links to your affiliate pages
  • Using Amazon Associates
  • How to leverage product reviews
  • Make money with paid ads on your site using Google Adsense
  • Testing affiliate offers VS Google Adsense
  • Installing Google Analytics and analysing data.
Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement

In this section you learn about important social media sites like facebook, twitter and pinterest and why you should have presence on these platforms.

  • Make your site engaging by allowing comments.
  • Using Facebook properly
  • How to use Pinterest
  • How to effectively use Twitter
  • Creating a blog post within Wealthy Affiliate (this helps WA get commissions)
  • Social Branding - make presence 
  • Engage at WA - Engage with members on the platform.
Level 5: Success with Content Creation 

Content creation is really important and google loves sites with quality content so this section focuses on creating quality content and helps you predict your traffic gain from new pages you build.

Level 5 teaches you to:

  • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools (outdated info)
  • Improving Indexing Times and Speeds - setting up your sitemap and working with your google webmaster account (which they claim is necessary to help you rank, but this is WONG)
  • Reading your content - making your article readable to the people and not keyword stuffed content.
  • Realistic breakdown of your traffic potential - This is not really accurate at all, in this part they are guessing how much traffic you'll get based on magic figures.
  • Writing structure of your site with conversion intent - create call to action on your site.
  • Adding call to action links in your comments section
  • Setting up Bing webmaster tools & submitting sitemap.

>>Affiliate Bootcamp<<

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is made up of 7 Phases and 70 lessons walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Phase 1: Getting Your Business Rolling

In this phase your are greeted with some info about the affiliate bootcamp and the creators of wealthy affiliate followed by how you can promote them and make money.

This section again goes into keyword research, setting up plugins and creating basic posts with more detail than what you've got in the FREE section.

In the SEO section of this training Wealthy Affiliate make it clear that they do not believe in the power of backlinks in SEO and that the content is king, this again made me laugh as anyone with a few months of SEO experience knows this is incorrect in 2019. The ONPAGE SEO training of this training however is on point and worth checking out.

Phase 2: Content, Keywords and Conversions

This section contains the following:

  • Creating readable content that converts 
  • Properly using affiliate links - how to setup links and use the 'prettylink' plugin
  • Understanding keywords - The importance of not doing "keyword stuffing" and making your article read naturally.
  • Creating reviews/targeted keywords
  • Backing up your website
  • Enhancing Your Website Experience - drop down menus and organising your sidebar
  • Building MORE Content Through Internal Links
  • Bonuses - Adding bonuses to your products to make more sales.

Phase 3: Giving Your Site Social Value

This section contains the following:

  • Adding social buttons to your website
  • Making your social accounts brand friendly 
  • How to make your social content engagement friendly
  • Social waste vs. productivity
  • How to add Google Analytics to your site 
  • Leveraging the Jaaxy affiliate program (promoting their own tool)
  • Leveraging your sidebar - (another push to promote wealthy affiliate)

Phase 4: Get Visual - Get Aesthetic - Get a Brand Through Media

This section contains the following:

  • Website design introduction - basic web design tutorials
  • Images - Pinterest and why you should utilize it for images.
  • Leveraging Video - They tell you how to promote their program by using their many training videos on your site. 
  • Creating Logos and Images - They provide you with some free tools to create your logo.
  • Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review - another push to promote Jaaxy. (their own tool)
  • More Pinterest Stuff - Setting up your Pinterest board & account.
  • Creating Your Own Videos - Limited information about video promotion. Again they try to push you to promote their program.

Phase 5: Get Visual - Get Aesthetic - Get a Brand Through Media

Here is a breakdown of this section.

  • Creating content with intent - How to write content that doesn't appear to be a sales page but that looks natural to the reader and can still sell.
  • Comments - An old video from 2013 that shows you how to respond to comments on your website or blog.
  • Creating Videos
  • Youtube - An old video from 2013 again tells you how to create youtube videos but this will not work nowadays since its 2019 guys.
  • Reviews - You discover a section where other members communicate and share experiences about their success and troubles when creating reviews.
  • The Ultimate Referral tool - Another tool they show you for promoting Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Follow-Ups - And AGAIN - WA promotion tools to automate follow ups with people you've referred.
  • Create Custom Video Sign-up Pages - More promotion tactics to promote WA.

Phase 6: Yahoo, BING, & The Power of PPC

This section is unreal, they talk about Pay-Per-Click ads on Yahoo and Bing but they totally skipped google saying its too hard. (which is untrue). Google is the biggest search engine but they totally focus on tiny search engines with no traffic.

Here is whats included in this section.

  • Setting up your account
  • Setting up your campaign
  • Creating review ad groups
  • Conversion tracking

Phase 7: Blasting Your Wealthy Affiliate Earnings With PPC

Finally they talk about Google PPC in this section BUT the training is out dated and google ads interface has changed therefore this training is useless and you'll get lost eventually. There are better free trainings on youtube about google PPC.

Here is whats included in this last section.

  • Creating ad Groups
  • Creating campaigns
  • Choosing keywords
  • Creating product comparison tables 
  • Ensuring your campaign's relevancy
  • Direct linking
  • Discussion of numbers - ensuring your campaigns are profitable.
  • Writing your landing pages with PPC in mind
  • Creating long-term scalable campaigns.

This was is the end of the module and also the END of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Definitely Wealthy Affiliate is Legit, and the main strength of the wealthy affiliate program is that there is a big community of affiliate marketers just like you trying to make money online to whom you can chat to and get support from. WA is free to join for 7 days and after that you must pay $20-49 a month to continue. WA has everything you need to know about making money online with affiliate marketing from A-Z. It's a great and affordable training course which covers everything even if you are an absolute beginner. I would highly recommend you join it for FREE now.


  • Tons of Quality Content
  • Great Price
  • Great Support & Community
  • Some training outdated

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